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So far, I've just removed the foundation(s) they're on. Hopefully soon the devs will fix this, but for right now, that is the only solution. Sorry! :P

Hey so, first of all, absolutely love this game. I've already made a small paradise on my "raft" (if you can call it that, I legitimately have an area for cooking/growing crops, and a big house in the back, with nets that extend so far NOTHING ESCAPES MY GRASP!) and I'm currently working on whatever comes to mind, whether it be useful or just for kicks. This post is more or less about some suggestions I have for this game.

First suggestion, the shark. He is WAY to easy to kill. I think it's around 6-7 hits with the spear to kill that bad boy. Beef him up, man! HE'S A SHARK! MAKE HIM SCARY! Who isn't afraid of a shark?! Also, it would be pretty neat if he dropped something else than just meat. Like, maybe some hide? Something that can maybe be used in construction? Perhaps you could use it to make some higher quality net, or maybe some fancy weapon?

Which leads me to my next suggestion: Weapons/Enemies. We need something more than JUST the shark. He's intimidating, yes, but maybe if there were two sharks? Three? Four? TWELVE?! Maybe not twelve, but you see my point. More sharks, more of a hassle to keep your small wooden island paradise afloat. Or perhaps different kinds of sharks? Some that are easy to kill, such as the current one, and later on as you kill more and more of these easy sharks, bigger, stronger sharks start to appear. Thats where your handy specialty weapons come in, such as a bow and arrow? If you can fasten rope out of some thatch you found out of the ocean, you can make a bow and arrow. Or maybe some special kind of spear? Maybe some kind of forge to make different kinds of spears, or even make the tip of the spear a heated one, thus making it more powerful? You could be trying to make it realistic, but if that were the case, how are you growing trees in the ocean?

And my third and final suggestions: More construction options. Your construction system, for a game that isn't even out of its prototype stages, is actually pretty good. Some bugs here and there, but what can you expect? A finished game? No, of course not! It's a prototype! But keeping on track of the construction topic, we need more things to build with. Perhaps some form of detachable raft, where if you see another players raft, if that were to come, you don't have to bring your whole raft towards them, that way communication or scavenging or battle (however you like to play) isn't as dangerous. And speaking of multiplayer, forms of cannons or harpoons, or even a ram on the front or sides of your raft, so you can charge into some player's raft and take out half of it in a single blow. Maybe not. Never know!

Anyway, that concludes this immensely large post. I really hope this game becomes a fully fledged out product, and I will be there, supporting it all the way. Good luck, Raft developers! I have seem to forgotten your name at the time of writing this, sorry about that!