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how can i get the old wolf CG?

does this game have english version? i just download the game but not english

so  after play the game i see there many bug in this update: sell mode in amoury, blowjob when defeated kobold, second prince side quest, amoury side quest, and when my bar hit 100/100 i dont see any difference in hp and Mp, they are all the same

i don't see any inventory button anywhere? also how can i know any difference whether i level up or not?

so can i equip weapon?

and is this only have bad end or does it also have good end?

and also the amoury side story too

so i try to play the second prince 3 side story but there an error when i play it

so where can i get to meet the bear is it at the greenforest or somewhere else?

i get dairus in my ship but why new location did not show up?

I get dairus on my ship why can't I open new location port

why my map are all black out only item appear on screen

how can i active latest quest v20 since i have done the taking between the bull and the goat leader after that i don,t see any quest pop up anymore

so how about the quest i  waite wor more than 10 day but the quest still not pop up after the talk with goat leader(V20)

i try it but no available

I need help in aiden nsfw cg the scence that before the lion kissing scence how can i obtain it

what is the second one next to the beer and the item on the broken one too where can i found it

please help me with uffe riddle quest


Does anyone have a walkthrough

when will this VN updated?

can i have a walkthrough please since all my old save doesn't work anymore and i kind of forgot many thing

there seem to be some bug here, i download latest updatd but the message and image are all mess up some character even lose face and body i don't know if am the only one have this bug

does anyone have walkthrough

how can i get a cure for madness quest i already save vurro but the quest still not active

already save vurro but the quest still not active

how can i get  a cure for madness quest 

so is this nsfw or sfw

how can i get canne favour event

how can i get Korg werewolf Oneise, and Caleb horror story

do you have logan werewolf path full walkthrough

so where can i get glowing amulet

do you have a full walkthrough

how can i finish dark forest quest? i give uffe the nipple rings but the quest still unfinish

yes ,sorry am not very good at english

i stuck at when he attack the alpha werewolf on his own

i lost all my save file now i don't know how to play logan werewolf path

does anyone know how to complete shopkeeper sick quest

so we have to start it over and over again?