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how can i get canne favour event

how can i get Korg werewolf Oneise, and Caleb horror story

do you have logan werewolf path full walkthrough

so where can i get glowing amulet

do you have a full walkthrough

how can i finish dark forest quest? i give uffe the nipple rings but the quest still unfinish

yes ,sorry am not very good at english

i stuck at when he attack the alpha werewolf on his own

i lost all my save file now i don't know how to play logan werewolf path

does anyone know how to complete shopkeeper sick quest

so we have to start it over and over again?

can you please fix this problem

i always lose all my save file  everytime i download  new updated version

while doing cane task there a bug that when i defeated landshark i was teleport to a dungeon and the game shut down on it own

how can i get cane sex cg

help me with the run minotaur statue i can only move 23 time but cannot reach the platform 

where can i find strap material?

please help me with minotaur dugeon puzzle i  can't solve it

how can i get dronified secene

where the download link?

i have play this game for 3 day and still not being able to find a clue to hunt julian all option i get is to submit to him

thank you so much

can you give me a walkthrough

i did but i stuck at the first interaction after i meeting everyone in town

how can i get the otter secrect  from Azlos it say i need to get friendly to the mayor but i only get interaction him ask question"how do you see resident here" only that

how can i start hunting julian

how can i hang out with nel

too much bugs i can not access inventory or fight the golem

i can not use my save file in 0.12 to 0.13 they always get bug so i have to play it again from the start and the game  function while playing is a little bit slower than 0.12

so how i can get that CG , i try to wait until midnight and  from 1:00-4:00 am but still can not trigger it

i try 3 option in interaction with him but i get no CG

Try many times but only get"maybe later"

how can i get the CG

whenever i play this game, i play like 6 minutes and the program auto close, not only that the gallery i can not see any CG i have played so far only black screen

the dragon god ask 3 question what are they to ou, who do you save first, who you love most after i play the game but get game over 

about 3 question in the game which choice should i pick in order not to get game over

how can i travel to other location i play for 2 day but only open 2 location forest and plain is there any bug prevent from going to other location?

thank you

please help me the riddle i try everything but can not find the answer

he asked me to defeated him so how can i make peace with him?