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What a beautiful game! I only tried the demo and my main concern would be that the monsters are pretty much the same. More variety is what made Binding of Isaac and Enter The Gungeon  better! 

Good luck!

Bloody Glen!

Oh cool. maybe I should have beaten the level first :thinking:

If it doesn't turn out to be true, you know it's not me who drove myself crazy..

[Bug] On level 3, I believe this spike does not kill you:

With that said, The pixelated  scenery is really gorgeous.  It's a great game, the mechanics are pretty simple but definitely needs better players than me :P

Thank you! I just went to try the level editor - although I killed all the patients, it was super fun! VERY looking forward to this!!

I remember playing this few months ago where I saw it on Reddit. I came across it again and I am really happy that it is coming to steam! Congratulations!

Nice game but after speaking to Glen I managed to be behind me forcing me to restart the game D:

Here is what it looks like: