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I like the concept, but 2 things make this game not worth more than free, at least for now :
-no menu, impossible to pause the game, change key mappings, or get access to settings like sound.
-the controls are very clunky, especially the wall jump.
You need to be pressing left to wall jump to the right and vice-versa.
This goes against instinct : press left to go left

If all this was fixed, i would have enjoyed this game much more and maybe even finished it. As is, selling this would only bring bad rep, as many would probably feel a bit cheated that they paid for a worse platformer than some of the free ones out there.

After 3 hours of blood, sweat and tears, i'm happy to say I finally beat the game. That going to the spaceship at the end bit was rather sly in my opinion, and i only figured it out by chance cause i wanted to read the computer for clues.
Apart from that, the ending is very well done, with plenty of anxiety from the countdown, which is just what you want in an escape sequence.

I'll check out the other games you suggested, and I'll give you some feedback on them.
Keep coding !

great game

fun little game

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love the game. I hope you have more games like this one coming.
Mixing a puzzle game with a story is not seen too often, but it really helps the puzzle's stay interesting, as you'll always want to get the next dialog.
Great game design and cute story. 10/10

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This game is absolutely genius.
The only thing missing for me to give it full marks is a checkpoint.
Running back through a place cause i died isn't usually a problem, but in this case they're empty and the walk back only serves as a detterent to players who want to just keep on playing. Apart from that, the game is action-packed, immersive and has good combat. The only actual option that could be considered missing would be customizable hotkeys, but i understand that, in the context of a game jam, you put priority on the gameplay.
In conclusion, i simply hope you make other games, which i am sure will be just as good if not better, and i look forward to playing them.