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Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated! Glad you liked the new levels.

Sorry the fullscreen option isn't more obvious, you need to press Alt + Enter on Windows, or Command + Control + F on Mac, to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode. Hope this helps.

Also I'll put music/audio slider option on my todo list for possible future updates, along with a fullscreen button.

The plus version has 6 new multiplayer levels, and also includes the multiplayer levels from G-Switch 1 and G-Switch 2. It also has more multiplayer options, such as choosing which levels to play and in what order. The single-player content remains the same.

Also, compared to the web version, this version has higher-resolution graphics, full-screen mode, and runs more smoothly.

Let me know if you have more questions, happy to help. Cheers!

Although I did get a bit frustrated with the difficulty and gave up before the end, I wasn't actually bothered by it, nor the "cheap deaths" (they felt deliberate and give the game some personality in my opinion).

What did bother me was the control, the character feels heavy and floaty (if that makes sense). More specifically, it takes too long for him to start moving, and to turn in mid-air, while on the other hand he stops very suddenly. This may be my personal preference, but if the control felt better I would have gladly stuck with it to the end.

It was still fun and the animations are great!

I really like the "space golf" idea, I could see this being extended to include things like several "courses" (solar systems), maybe a limit on the number of launches, moving obstacles such as asteroids, etc.

Anyway it was fun as is, and felt really polished!

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Glad you liked it! I'll see if I can make a post jam version, with all the features I originally intended for the jam.

Thanks, maybe I will!

Thanks for the feedback. I ran out of time before I finished the enemy behavior and could focus on gameplay, so it is quite unfinished.

Yeah, I ran out of time before I could finish the enemy behavior and add more interesting gameplay elements and situations. Thanks.

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Haha, I was wondering if this "strategy" would be found out. Thanks for sharing!