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Had the chance to give this one a go last night. Really love the way this was written; it feels very much like a bad dream. The added background noises and music really established the unnerving atmosphere and when it did kick in at certain points it just-- (chef's kiss) 

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Love this urban fantasy setting, great game to just sit back and cruise through the story. Very excited to see this game develop-- and as a side note, if I were to add anything, I'd prefer a little tutorial for making drinks on the first time 'round-- I think that'd be really handy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Nothing overly complicated that took the fun out the experience. I really appreciate horror games that don't have jumpscares, though there's something truly unsettling about the spooks that are in this game. I feel like creating that kind of atmosphere and build-up requires a lot more effort and is much more effective. Kudos.

This is a really well thought-out demo/showcase. I love the concept of the manananggal and I know several other southeast Asian cultures have similar legends. It's a rad creature that has its roots in religion, superstitions, and taboos. I think this game's story does a good job of conveying this through notes and little details.

I appreciated the focus on atmosphere, the build up had me thoroughly spooked. I'm very interested in the concept of each legend playing a part in social commentary-- imo that's the way horror should be. I'm looking forward to a full release! 

This is a really heartfelt experience. This is one of those stories where it's almost impossible not to relate to. Well done! I made a lets play of this game here:

This game was so heartwarming! It really hit close to home for me. I did a playthrough of it for my channel--

If this is a shitpost I'm curious as to what you consider a masterpiece. Seriously, this is the most fun I've ever had playing a visual novel! Thank you for making this absolute treasure! ໒( ” •̀ ᗜ •́ ” )७