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Sergey Germogentov

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Thanks for playing! :) 

I know right! Expectation vs reality :)

Damn, I can't believe my eyes... I think this one is going to my favourites list... sheep partly to blame!

Very comprehensive done for a jam, wow, great job!

Wow it's almost the same quality as the updated version! Very fun game :) 

Non-violent? More like hmm-hmm, Hmm-Hmm, HMMMMM! :D

AI is hard to outwit, isn't it :)

Thanks! :)

AI is powerful like that ;)

Thanks so much for picking it up again!

Congrats on beating level 8! You were very close to the end there, the clue is - if you wanna know - Bob might work better without those portals

Btw, if stuck on level 8, the clue is to block Bob in the right places ;)

Thank you! :)

Ah... I figured it out, just need to lend some hand-crumbs

Just did a major update, more levels and 2 new mechanics - and some challenging puzzles - something tells me you might enjoy the challenge ;)

Okay, update is ready, more levels and 2 more mechanics! :D

Awesome game! Really interesting dynamics between the two. I love the simplicity of the shapes, but how well it's all explained in the levels - it was easy to understand what's happening.

It's a pity the music doesn't change on its own! If I hadn't known about the Q button, a lot of interesting tracks wouldn't've been heard.

For the last level, I'm not sure if I solved it correctly, I had to click-frenzy my way up out of the tube

For suggestions, I'd even out some terrain (sometimes gets stuck, very minor) and also add the Restart Key binding to the description, I had to restart the game to find it in the Controls section.

Great job!! Will recommend to some folks :) 

Awesome, glad you liked it! Will be posting more interesting levels soon btw

thanks, more levels coming! They will also address your question :) 

Thanks, Zephyr!

Great to know - thanks for playing!

Thanks, Spiro :)

Thank you! Glad it came across alright :)

Thanks! If only ;)

To be eligible for awards, does everyone in the team needs to be Australian? Or as long as you have an eligible teammate, it's all good? :)

The game is super-fun to play, I like the music, the levels and the mechanics :) Great job!!

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you had fun :) Fun fact, if you were in Russia, you'd also want to avoid the roads :O

Great effort! It feels really polished overall

This is really fun! The music and the artstyle add a lot to the experience. Came across it while checking other submissions for One Game a Month jam - the premise of the game is quite similar to ours (Sunday Driver). Did you guys make it in 2 weeks?

hehe thanks!

Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it :) Some deaths require.. out of the box thinking :)

6 is an unusual number to find! You are pretty much guaranteed to have come across a solution that guides you to another - it will either be similar, or be helpful in finding the other solution. The other 2... Either be explorative or observant... The solution might be staring in your face all the time!

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Hey, thanks! Yes indeed, there is just 1 room... But are there more hidden things out there? Make sure to explore the environment :) In addition to that, there is one that is easy to see (sometimes) but hard to get to. And the path to another you can see from anywhere in the game :) 

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Thanks a lot! I assume you got the ones related to the environment? There is one that is easy to see (sometimes), but hard to get to. And the path to another one can be seen from anywhere in the game :)

ah, I see the problem now with the URP. A quick search on the internet didn't yield more than "create a grid and remember the visited data manually". Hopefully not much trouble switching to built-in pipeline - at least fog of war will work as expected.

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!

In general, we used the built-in pipeline, but that was only enabled towards the end of the project.

I think this fog of war system is pipeline-agnostic, although I'm not too sure, still learning about these things. You can find the tutorial we used in the description - uses cameras, render textures and shaders - it felt somewhat straightforward to implement and was actually the first thing implemented after creating an empty project - before anything else.

What are the issues that you are running into?


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Glad to hear :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for sharing the feedback! That is something that we were going for :)

Thanks a lot, glad you found it fun :)