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Cool! I know a lot of people who prefer Godoy to Unity, I think you did a good choice!

2023 is almost over, it’s only a matter of time

Yeah, I saw. Lucky for you :D

What are you gonna do with Unity install fees?

Monthly Jam #7 community · Created a new topic I’m sorry

Hello guys, I’m sorry if I didn’t put the theme on, but I couldn’t do that, in exchange I’ll give you 48 more hours to work with for the game. Sorry again 

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If at least 4 of the submitters agree on this I’ll sospend the voting.

Ok, you will have 24 hours to do that.

It's a really fun game and I like the concept

I'm unable to play your game :(

This game was really fun and I really enjoyed playing it, looking forward for more levels

Very hard, but the gameplay was fun!

I’m sorry but there’s not. You have to use this community on itch.

I’m really sorry

Technically it’s allowed, but you gotta focalise on the fact that you’re stuck

I’m sorry, but it’s been made for other jams and it doesn’t fit the theme, it’s disqualified

Hi! Welcome to the monthly jam community!

I need explanation on this! I just wanna spread my faith through the most beautiful thing in the world: video games!

Why I cannot use this jam to do it?

This is something really bad and limiting,  and it’s also a bad discrimination for religious people.

If your explanation will be that “a religious game is discriminatory for atheist people and people of other religion” I’m gonna leave the jam and never join it back.


I don't know if that was intetional, but I found out that the enemy AI starts only when you are near enough to it, but if you are further you can't be detected but you can still shoot 'em, this makes the game insanely easy

It’s back!

It's a very good game, I just found hard to understand the controls, even with the U-Pad, my advice is for you to add a pop-up that tells you to press space when you are near something you can interact with.

You have to get hit by the red things while you are not dashing, but then you have to wait until you’re not touching any enemy before you can be hit again

Really original concept. I just find that the movements don't work very well

I really like this puzzles, and also that bit of story you added to the game. It was so sad for me seeing that it was so short :( I hope you will continue working on it, because it could become something of AMAZING!

I really like the SFX.

It's basically impossible, but I like it!

This is a really cool game, it's just too hard for me, but just because I'm a noob at platforming games.

It doesn't seem me like it fits the theme...

Pretty nice as a clicker game. I think it’s very basic and it narrowly fits the theme. Good job, anyway

Did you got to win? I thought it was impossible!

It was becuase of the wild card “the player is almost immortal” Thanks for what you said about the dash effect, I think it’s really cool tho


Fun game, maybe add more content? LIke more enemies...

It's an incredibly hard game, but the cross-hair doesn't have may uses... I'll let you go anyway


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This jam’s theme (one tool many uses) may be a little tricky, here you can share your ideas for the theme or take inspiration from the following ideas:

  • A game where you have a shotgun that makes you fly
  • A game where you are a moving weapon
  • A game where you can change your key binds and use them in the level
  • share your ideas down below