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Whew, I think it took me ~4 hours to get to #1 with ~450k$.  So frustrating when I learned that I couldn't unlock the other attributes/skills.

Fun game, but when I learned my goals were pointless, I learned it was also a bigger waste of time than the time I initially put in.

I love the concept of this game, but I'm having major difficulties with the interface:

  • The box with the client's info overlaps the documents, so it's hard to position them to be able to read them. Also, I keep accidentally moving the contents of the box out of the box frame and losing them.
  • When I access info from the search function, trying to put the puzzle pieces together is very frustrating because I can't seem to get them aligned perfectly enough to be able to read the document. Is there any way they could snap into place?

Thank you so much for making this amazing game!