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wow~! Didn't expect that~! Thanks a bunch!!

How about "Bells" for something chritmas like?

There. That error you have is quite a pain it seems. XD

Sure~! But is there a problem maybe? I thought that .rar and .zip are basically similar...

Oooh, so that's who the owner is. Thanks~! 

Just want to confirm but can I make a game that's not exactly an otome game but still incorporates the same concept in some part? For example, something like Riviera:The promised Land or Harvest Moon:Friends of Mineral town?

Thanks! Actually, I'm currently working on the Revamped version of the game. I promise better graphics and sounds but it will probably take a few weeks or so.

Thanks for the tip~! Will try to implement variable speed and size to customize difficulty levels. And getting 37,500 is already an almost perfect run~!

uhm.. Press the arrow keys... The screen is only waiting for input... SORRY.

Sorry to hear that.

48 Hour Turbo Jam community · Created a new topic Theme?

when will the game's theme be posted?

Got stuck in the back to back map. Even if i manage to eliminate one of the three, the other two will collect the remaining ball... No wonder it was bugged. Probably try adjusting the distance of the balls from the base?

Just want to say, Great Game.


I noticed some bugs on the Enemy AI. I don't know if it was intentional to make the game easier but, when they finish carrying a ball, they sometimes stop moving until my bots approach it.

Another one is on the "FleeFrom" command. When sandwiched between enemies, the bot gets wild moving back and forth. Can't make it run on the safe path out though.

Programming the bots somewhat resembles python programming which I am familiar with so it became really interesting. Good Job! Can't wait for Alpha 3! =3

Actually, This is a branching mission which will require you two things to be added.

One is the "Retreat" Command. How you do it is up to you but it is better to be linked with your shield.

Another is the "Focus Fire" Command that allows your bots to eliminate them one at a time.

Finished it after 30 minutes of thinking... Quite difficult without tips.

Realized it by analyzing the movements of the enemy bots. Hope it helps. =3