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im a kink nut lol i love super doms and love watersports but i think astereon mught be a soft top till hes more comfortable with the role then get progressively dom if MC is submissive id like to see him ask for advice from some of the other patrons in private like Luke i like their interactions together;) i think as a bottom Astereon  would be super submissive and be into leather or nipple play but would hate bondage to put a nice spin on things. As a wierd quirk i think he would be not exactly aloof but blunt when asking about sex but top or bottom hed ask the others about it in secret (testing his freedom so to speak by doing things privately)

i really hope  zhokar is a complete 180 of mac a complete masc dom that can put killigan in his place in bed :3 love seeing killigan be sub


It hurts me so much XD

i THINK u have to have a file of best ending

If i recall u need to do chesters route it does a check for u having a good route completed (fair warning its HOT XD)

This is an AMAZING visual novel PLEASE dont be dead

sooo dumb question for Arthur's Sidequest to get that special wood in Feasterra the icon is there but i see no way of getting the wood is it a bug or am i missing something?

im curious how do i get the 5 flame rating i seem to get it randomly and does this only work for combat or for work too?

Dumb question does patreon also get an update on the 16th or is it for just the 1rst only

so is this dead cause that would be a waste of $6 -_-

what is the song title for the end of the game????? I LOVE IT X3

i havent even  started it yet just turning it on listening to tthe music and seeing amicus like that makes me cry. i can see myself there poking him from behind and telling him im back and we embrace and cry

the update wouldve been today but right now Dynewulf is having some issues at home via weather so most likely tomorrow we just gotta be patient

dying for chester's update :)

any word on updates or is this dead?

sooo when will here be an update?

im dying for something sexy to go down with my Daddy Zhokhar :3

any news on an update?

god i hope NOT Andrew being a murderer would break my heart AND Chester's innocent heart

for giggles i did chesters bad route and.....jesus im kinda horrified please tell me that itll end up being some kinda fakeout mr wulf

for some reason i made my name Anon and nothing is happening

Never mind

I cant seem to enter the basement in the tavern where is it again in case im missing it?