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Oh gosh... I'm not sure how to start--? I loved this game. Actually, made this account just to gush over how good it was. I mean, I barely go looking for VNs in Lemma or itch, and just downloaded this because, why not? And boy, I do not regretti. This was so fresh and so enjoyable that I wish there were more stories like this. 


Ending #5's black-changes-to-white moment and the characters almost made me tear up. And all the details that eventually let you figure out - or get the gist of it all - was really nice. There should be more parent-child bonds like this, too. There Should Be. 


 Also the way you handled composition and contrast and effects was p cool. The art fit the atmosphere and enchanced it.  Aaah I really wish I could play more of your content.

 Do you have other pages, websites..? I'd love to read more of your stuff. Your stuff is gold. I'm glad itch has a 'follow' option because I'll be looking forwards to whatever you upload. If I have one regret it's that I'm dirt poor and can't support my fave artists.

Anyway, you're awesome and inspiring and holy-damn this was good. So GOOD.