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i love this game with all my heart.. and as someone whos going thru the same thing.. im thankful that u created this game.. i've suffered from chronic disease for 8 years which lead to depression and anxiety, i've had bad days more than good ones for sure i did 4 surgeries but it's incurable... but this year i'm in college ive been absent for a whole month, i couldn't go.. and i believe it was one of my worst days.. 2 friends been checking up on me i didn't tell them whats wrong and kept on pretending. but my family didn't care or noticed.. so as i had an exam today i put so much pressure to study 2 days ago, but today as i went to college everyone asked and made jokes about how i always skip or its a miracle that i attended today.. as i was taking the exam i couldn't do it and i got out i remember my classmates faces,, confused.. i felt like crying and i gave an empty paper.. i wanted to talk to my doctor about my chronic disease and how i cant attend classes like at all... as i started talking to him.. my voice changed and tears fall out of my eyes.. all these 8 years i never asked for help.. i thought i should just continue living my life like everyone does cuz that what my ignorant  parents/family thinks..  but i got to a point where i can't continue anymore.. i'm still trying to figure out if i made the right decision cuz... i never asked for help.. and will they change how they think about me,, idk but i know that at least i won't put up with the same suffering i had to go thru all past 8 years. 

thank you for this game <3333333 

A PERSON: LAMU look under there..

LAMU: under where? 

A PERSON: HA HA made you say underwear.

LAMU: *begins this game..*


lol i love this conversation 

tyyyyysm it actually worked <33

wow I've never seen a game as beautiful as this before!!!!

you don't understand how many times I've been feeling like this so finding a game that expresses my emotions literality made me kinda better and to know that is okay everyone feels like this from time to time :') tyyysm for this game!!!!

i liked it


this is literally the sweetest game ive ever played the memories i got from this game is so heart warming i loved it <3 rainy days november

i loved it so much tyyy <33

i love it <33

this game literally feels like a warm hug and telling me its okay to feel this way sometimes cause after all we aree all humans <3 thank youu smm for this game

i loved it can someone tell me more games like this?

heyy ballsack :3

that was so pretty its one of my  favourite games, but its kinda sad too. i love it thanks a lot..

damn, that hurt me so bad :(