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Mouse only

This is pretty good

Why is the background moving if we are standing still?

I played a bit then after awhile enemies stopped coming



Thanks for playing!



Thanks for playing!

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I've just seen your stream and am sorry to say that the game files were lost in an unfortunate event so I cant continue development (see devlog for more info) also the first edition was Telepuzzle

EDIT : Might work on a remake after I finish the game jam am working on

the loser always wins

simple but deep

Very fun and enjoyable

Weird, I remember fixing this issue to where it takes you back to the main screen I guess I'll  try to update my game accordingly (I have also responded to hotfeet)

Sorry for the late reply (I just woke up) but I see where your coming from I didn't think to add a how to play section because I had JoleEh playtest it for me and he beat the game on his second try I guess maybe in the future I'll try to explain better what you do in my game

I won its also pretty fun 10/10 would play again