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Heya. It's hard to say, as it really depends on your reading speed. For someone with an average reading speed, if you try to experience all of the scenes, there are probably about 15 hours of content with our most recent update.

As I say, though, this will vary widely depending on your own speed, so it might offer you a lot more or less.

I hope that helps :)

Thanks a lot. We hope you enjoy the new update! :)

Hi there. No, the game is also available here on and by supporting us on Patreon :)

You will receive more content here right now, yes. Once Realm 3 is complete, it will be available on Steam as a separate game where you can import your Realm 1 and 2 saves.

Heya. This is the next episode. We currently have our first two episodes on Steam. Here on Itch, this consists of Episodes 1, 2, and part of 3 (which is currently in development).

You can comfortably change Atlas' name. There are no negative impacts of doing so. We added the message at the start that we recommend keeping it, as it has significance to his character. However, you won't miss out on anything major by changing it.

We don't have a playable demo at the current time. Apologies :)

Heya. We have no plans to add this content to the main game of The Seven Realms.

Hi there. There's no pregnancy in the game. This is a harem game. There is a central love interest, however, you can have relationships with as many women as you want without negative repercussions.

Hello! Thanks for letting us know you've run into these issues with Mega. We've never encountered issues with it, but we know it doesn't seem to work as effectively in some territories.

I've contacted Itch to request they increase our upload limit, so we can upload the games directly to Itch without the need for external links. I will update you on this comment thread once they have approved the request (if they do). Thanks!

That's very kind of you. We hope you continue to enjoy the game and the rewards that come with your support!

Thanks very much for your kind words! We put a lot of work into creating this game, and it means a lot to us when we receive comments like this :)

Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to us! :)

Realm 1 & 2 are already available on Steam.

We will release Realm 3 once we've completed the development of it. You can wishlist it here now :)

Hello. Due to the filesize limit on Itch, we uploaded Realm 1 & 2 via external links. We kept it consistent when uploading Realm 3. Are you having an issue with downloading?

No worries at all! I find that an error often occurs if you click on an "embed", like when the link generates a box to click. Usually, with MEGA, if you click on the actual link itself rather than the embed, it will work. I'm not sure how it looks on your side when downloading here, but if you have the choice to click the actual link itself, try that and see if it works :)

Heya. Thanks for the question! You've purchased it previously - is it now showing as an issue for you to download the current versions?

Regarding the remastered Realm 2, the last 35% or so remains unchanged. We overhauled the quality part of the way through development, and after completing Realm 2, we brought the first 65% up to the quality of the end of the Realm. There is a noticeable change with regard to the image quality, and we completely overhauled the animations and added a few new ones.

Happy New Year! :)

Hello. This is a feature that we will be keeping in the game, but we will look into the idea of being able to switch this feature on and off.

Thanks so much. We appreciate that and are glad you're enjoying the game!

Hey! The game currently has background music, but no additional sound effects other than the music :)

Heya. Were you able to resolve this issue? We've not had this error reported before. If you uninstall and re-download it, could you see if you still face the same problem? Thanks!

Heya. We don't have a specific date. We have currently completed the development of the first two episodes out of seven, and the scope of the episodes will increase as we proceed. The completion of all episodes will still take a few more years. We release regular updates to keep a steady stream of content :)

Heya. No, it's the next episode of the game. The store page for Realm 1 was advertised as Realm 1. It's not the entire game. If we released Realm 2 for free, we wouldn't be able to afford to continue creating the game, haha.

Thank you so much. That's very kind of you, and we appreciate it!

Unless Itch make any changes and do not allow us to publish here, then yes, we will continue to do so :)

After Realm 2, the future Realms will be much larger in scope (potentially being around the size of Realm 1 & 2 combined). At the end of Realm 2, you have the ability to export your save. Realm 3 will be a separate game where you can import your Realm 2 save into Realm 3 :) we will either set up a new page for Realm 3, or will add it as a separate download on this same page. We've not worked out some of the finer details yet.

Hey! Did you purchase the game here on Itch? In which case, I believe it should be viewable in the "My Purchases" section of your profile? Realm 1 and 2 are available on the same download.

Let me know if that helps.

Hey! If you purchase here now, you will get access to Realm 1 & 2 on Itch :)

Haha. Thank you so much, my friend. That's very kind of you to say. I hope that you stick with us and continue enjoying the game :)

Thanks a lot. I hope that you continue to enjoy the story :)

It's difficult to say as it massively depends on your own reading speed

 I would say as an average, to cover faster and slower readers, there are around 8 - 12 hours. There are more if you are aiming to get all trophies, unlock gallery scenes and explore slightly different paths.

Thanks so much for your support. We're glad you're looking forward to it and hope you enjoy playing! :)

Thank you so much. We’re really glad you’re enjoying it 🙏

The Steam version will be added once the full development of Realm 2 has been completed, to be published as a full episode. The plan is for Realm 2 to be added there in several months' time :)

Android port has now been added!

(1 edit)

What error are you getting? Is it telling you that the application can’t be opened? If so, this is an Apple issue and not us. It can be rectified using the steps below.

You need to add execute rights to the start file INSIDE the app: 

1. open a terminal

2. type chmod +x and then DRAG the app from the Finder to the terminal, the path + app will be filled in automatically

3. continue with  typing /Contents/MacOS/TheSevenRealms 4. press enter

The full command will sort of look like this : 

chmod +x <path>/ 

If there is no feedback , all is good.  Close the terminal. After that, right click once on the game and select OPEN. Close the error message and do the same thing again. You can now select OPEN in the message and the game will start. From now on, you no longer need to do the right-click.

Hopefully that helps. If it is another issue, please let us know!

Thanks so much for letting us know you're enjoying it. We appreciate it and hope that you continue to like where we take it!


Hey, thanks for your support on Steam! We will be adding Realm 2 to Steam once development of the episode is completed :)

Thanks for posting this!