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Thanks for letting me know, I was unaware of that... I'll look into this issue when I have some time...

Also your second problem is a bug that I know of, but I haven't fixed that yet in the current available version. I'm working on v0.2.0 which has been built pretty much from the ground up, and I have fixed that in there. However it's probably still going to take a while when I can get that version out.

Amazing work! Looking forward to playing around with them when I have some spare time

Oh wow you remembered!

it is actually finished (™) but I haven't uploaded it anywhere. Kinda forgot about it :D

Great work, as always!

This looks so good!

Thanks! Will check it out when I have time

is that particle that you have in the demo GIF? Can't seem to find it in the tileset...
Other than that, I absolutely love the tileset!

(Gonna use it for a school project of mine!)


Really creative game! Lots of fun too :D

Poly World community » Bug reports · Created a new topic Known bugs

The bugs that are currently known will be added into the "Bugs" list in the trello board:

Todo List:

correct! you're free to use whatever engine you want, but preferrably you should use open source ones