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this is already the highlight of 2021 for me hehe :)) happy New Year dev and ty for the update--I'm super excited that this game is still alive

I had a great experience playing "Beyond Your Window" and left it feeling a bit better :) Thank you so much for creating and sharing this game!

gotta comment right before April 1st ends to say

thank you for making me fall in love with clowns. 

I've played a lot of games on this website, but I don't think any of them have stuck onto me like this one has. I really like being able to write out my answers at the end of each "route" because it feels like I have more of a personal impact and connection towards the story as a whole. They've really made me question my insight on certain scenarios and blurred the lines between what we typically see as black-and-white.

This was well-made--I really hope you can continue to create more games in the future :)

I don't ever really comment on VN pages just because I'm not really eloquent in expressing my ideas, but I really enjoyed playing Cassius's route. Everything from the writing to the dialogue and interactions seemed so natural, with nothing forced to satisfy the romantic aspect of visual novels. I didn't think I'd get so attached to a character with a piano for a head, but the world is truly full of surprises. It definitely helps that he's the sweetest kid around (I wanna give him constant hugs and purple cardigans LMAO)! 

I'm looking forward to future routes (especially Krystoff for some reason) and I'm beyond happy that a game like this exists :)