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Thank you!! I'm happy that people like it. Let me know what you make with it!

This is one of the most fun little game jam-type games I've played, and I'm not only saying that because some of the devs are my GameBros. Very interesting strategic combinations are possible with only a few variables depending on when and how frequently you execute the commands. I am looking forward to a rematch with Leander, my SotF rival.

The controls and the puzzle mechanics are intuitive enough for this game to remain interesting for many more levels than just 4. I would like to see more of it.

thank u for the nice game

A very comforting experience for this hermit. It was fun and quite easy to get into. I wish it didn't reset back to the card selection screen at the end, because it's nice to stay on the ending with the same music to savour it. 

Surprisingly smooth controls, and I liked how it felt easier to control in some ways as the speed increased, which is a good thing for a game with such a short playtime per round.

Cool idea with great execution. Really satisfying to move around using just the arrows and one button!

Me: Hey man.

Andre: Hey.

Me: That was a fun game.

I loved it! The writing and the palette of the art feel rustic, and the flavourtext hiding everywhere like little mushrooms are a delight to discover. I found all mushrooms and tried making the most tasty stew possible, and then the most poisonous stew possible. The artwork is a joy to revisit. I wish it showed pictures of the different mushrooms you find, which the Itch page background seems to have the artworks done for already. I didn't discover the save & load feature until later, but it was nice to have for experimenting with different stew recipes.

The mesemerising blend of sinister and grainy visuals and unhinged writing that's fired from the hip tells me that a demon coded this using either Disunity or Surreal Engine. It makes up for the lack of intricate narrative design and writing with a clever aesthetic that makes you laugh and interface elements that just feel good to click. Each story is short enough to avoid being too annoying to play them each twice and see the possible paths. Absolutely noided experience that I'm looking forward to continue following. 

I really liked being able to see the different chains at the end each time. The art is very cute as well.

holy crap level 3 is a pain. This is a really engaging game.

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