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Hi there! Thanks for checking it out!
Just one question: did you get low fps all the time, or was it because of the recording? Also, would you mind telling me the CPU, RAM and video card?

This time I was changing this box colour, no splines involved. I'm using 2019.4.0 with URP, modified shaders with Amplify (but also happened before, with the default). I downloaded 2019.4.1 and will test it again, hopefully it's a problem on Unity side.

(thanks for the tip on the hierarchy order, btw)

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Well just happened again, twice today. I was trying to get a good shape with the curve, scaling, moving, rotating, changing the numbers (the shape following all time, no problem), even the lines showing ok on scene view. Tried another object, and no inspector. Open another scene, and the inspector is empty all time.
Did open it again, and maybe narrowed it: changed the color, and froze just after that. Also, as you can see I changed the blend, and negative value is not subtracting the obj. Positive works fine, even if the inspector is frozen.

Hi there! First, thanks for the awesome tool. I've been testing it with 2019.4 and got some freezes on the inspector (only this tab, everything else seems to be alright). I tryied to track it, and seems to be when I'm editing curves. Anything else I click later, the inspector remains kinda locked. Tried closing the tab, opening a new one, and it keeps the same.
If you could take a look, might improve an already kickass tool!


Thank you for trying it!!! So glad you enjoyed. Your video made me think about a minimap/fog of war system... Will try it out!
Oh and you also found a bug for me, the tutorial didn't show up even if it was checked... There should be a "friendly" cigarette telling you how to play. Will crush it asap!

Hey I just updated the game, almost fully rewritten! Still some bugs, but let me know if works better for you!

Thank you for your feedback! Can you tell me your RAM, CPU and video card? I'm investigating if it's post processing effects or geometry that's causing freezes. As the whole stage is generated in runtime, there is a lot of usual improvements I can't rely on, have to try many variants here...