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Lol I agree, all the MLs are so handsome then you just pan over to the MC...he look basic af ngl. I think its the hairstyling as well as the glasses style that makes him look so out of place....Rip

YES FINALLY XD!! When is it going to be released on Steam?

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Been waiting since day one of the announcement for this game...I know at some point Ya'll had some health stuff going on or something & covid hit everyone pretty hard, but an update would be very nice even just an update stating that the game is delayed indefinitely. You know so us fans aren't sitting on the edge of our seats wondering & hoping, waiting for an inevitable nothing. This game has so much potential it'd be a damn shame for it to go to waste.  :)

When I first started using I didn't trust it either but it's actually relatively safe. Definitely one of the very few websites I recommend for Visual Novels. :)

I always found it odd that steam seems to only do that with BL games. I've seen multiple straight up hentai games on there with loli characters. Steams so Sus sometimes lol.

Omg Its finally almost here?! Been waiting for this one since the beginning, I cant wait! XD

I hope so, that would be neat if even if it's just a little bit of customization.

I haven't even finished the last 3 games you guys released Lmao, Ya'll are so fast keep up the good work & stay healthy! ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)

How do I get it? Do I just redownload the game? :)

Very excited for this one!

Ooof I hope you get better soon! :) I was starting to wonder if the game had been all together abandon. If the game does release i'm definitely gonna buy!

My friend and I are so excited for this game! Keep up the good work! ;D

The game is so good so far lovin it, for this update do I just redownload?