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Another great indie horror game. Great gaming experience 

Great work on the development of this second part in my view. I would like to see a 3 part of the sequel which I'm all for. Here is my gameplay!

Another great indie horror game.Can’t wait for the next game! 

Another great indie horror game. Muchisimas gracias! 

Indeed Red it is!

hahaha that's a good question ;)

Great gaming concept. Graphics, voice acting, light effects to name a few... great. Thanks for developing it!

Well everything has been said. Great game and concept. appreciate it! 

Great little game with a couple of Jumpies! Really well done! Great little indie horror game to spice your day. Have you subscribed yet. Have ya?

Great concept to the game. Really good sound effects and graphicly pleasing. Great job! 

Well created with amazing sounds effects.

Very well designed short horror game. Keep it up looking forward to more... 

Love the new update. Keep them coming! 


Another great edition to the spongebob saga. Great creation and fun to play! 

Well designed game. good story line, amazing graphics and sound effects. Recommended! 

Great Indie Horror Game and story line. I love the pixelation and the creepy atmosphere. 


I have attempt it but could not finish it :( 

Once again great concept based on the classic cartoons. Weldone job!

Everything has been said about this game so well-done. Looking forward to more...

Great retro horror game. Found a glitch on the vid right at the vent. 

really well done retro game. 

Great short indie horror game. congratulations to you too on such a good defined game with stoning graphics and sound effects. I want more ;) 

Not to sure if my download when wrong but I found a few glitches on the game from open doors falling into dead spaces to not be able to select the pistol at the end so i couldn't finish the game. also there is a time in the storage room where Potrick gets so close you cannot move so a restart is necessary. Overall a good game but based on my experience needs work! 

If you are looking for a atmospheric inide horror game this one ticks every box. grerat sound effects made this game terrifying.

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I did really enjoy this one. I love the fact that Junior now is a n adult with a kid. Nice touch! Great story line and graphics. Hopefully we will see part 3. Cheers! 

Amazing art style and story line in this point click horror game. Keep it up and bring some more! 

I hope so too Dev. Great concept. appreciate your effort.

Great concept. Very immersive and claustrophobic. 

Beautiful concept. Thank you for making a PC version. 

I did really enjoyed this game. Very factual within the context and great story line. 

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Latest update gameplay. Great story line and well thought game. Keep them coming! 

Hey Dev. Great Game to showcase on my horror channel. Plenty of what you see is what you get. Brilliant concept with different endings. 

What an incredible Indie Horror Game Crux Games Studios. you really are excelling on your development. I would be happy to pay a lot more for this game! Keep them coming! 

No doubt very horror atmospheric game with a PS1 vibe that is very nostalgic. Great job man! 

Great Game. It have it all from jump scares to atmospheric horror to amazing graphics. Cheers! 

Another great game with great concept for the horror genre.