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This is a pretty neat game with a cozy concept. The resulting game looks nice, is really concise and enjoyable, albeit short :( 

Congratulations on putting everything together by yourself!

that's very impressive! you definitely know what you're doing, for sure!

this is a great game, i love it. it's very polished in all regards. 
the music is very soothing and fits the gameplay like a glove.
the game is fun - it's challenging enough so it's not boring or too difficult.
there's a lot of replay value too, as the learning curve lends itself to the enjoyability of the game concept the more you play it. 

congratulation to the duo, great work! will be playing it again in the future :)

it's a very simple game, but it's a lot of fun. nicely done puzzles.
the color palette is also very pleasing to the eye.
i guess the different colors on the sides of the cube make it a non-traditional dice?
i suppose if there were numbers for the sides to match the floor, it wouldn't be as cool as it is.
all in all, great game!

it didn't load for me, so i can't rate it...
congrats on submitting your game on time!

the game didn't load for me :/
sorry, but i won't be able to rate.
too bad, because the concept and screenshots seem very interesting!

i just couldn't play, it froze the browser tab.
for that reason, i will refrain from rating.
still, congratulation on submitting your game on time!

i absolutely LOVED this game.
best one i've checked out so far, outstanding work by the team.
congratulations, would pay money for this!

nice weapons variety. at one point i got a scythe and was surprised, didn't see that coming.
the music is really good and the SFX works well. the art could use some polishing, especially the attack animations. i like the fact that all weapons are balanced, so there's constant variation in the gameplay without raising the difficulty for the player. overall, it's a pretty difficult game, but i'm assuming that's because of time constraints for playtesting. congrats to the team!

hey! this is a great game! i really like the combo idea, makes it original. the music is great, very fitting and driving. lots of fun - snake games never go wrong. congrats on your solo endeavor!

seems to be a very intresting game, although i'll have to admit i didn't take the time to read through everything on the screen and all the different card descriptions - there's a noticeable learning curve. congratulations on the concept, seems very original!

very polished, the visuals are nice, the music is fitting - it is a fun game overall. not the most original of concepts, and I don't really get the probability thing since i'm not so much into chance games, but it is a solid entry. congratulations to the team!

very cool game!
i like the art style, the music seems to fit the vibe, the monologues are fun but i think there could be more variation in the use of RNG for other than opening doors, to make it more challenging.
congratulations to the team!

amazing game! visuals, sounds, playability, it's all great!
there was a lot of trial and error to see where each type of connector would fit, but after the second play-through it started making more sense.

congratulations to the duo! i would even consider this as a finished and ready-to-release game. time management was spot on!

thank you for playing our game, claratata! we're glad that you enjoyed it :)

Wow, you are really really good! Good luck with the jam!

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It's always the sound guys making these topics, amirite?

So, hello everyone, I'm a  composer/sound designer based in Brazil.
I've contributed with the music and sfx on two games that can be found on my profile.
Also, there's a bunch of stuff on my YouTube channel, if you care to take the time to check that out.

I know my way around Unity and can script just enough to implement the music and sounds through FMOD.

I'd like to join a group of cool creative people. Bonus points for diversity, but beggars can't be choosers, I guess.

Love ya