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omg this was so cutee, I literally relate to the mc haha, there's something about wholesome and fluff media that make me so happy.

 I love this game, I would definitely rent a owner lol. I like the detail of him floating a bit with his mouth moving its cool, I wanna see more of Norman :3

ah this was interesting to play, I really like Xeno's design!

hes so pretty like

I keep forgetting hes a criminal, Im interested in his backstory :0

I couldn't get the last illustration though aaa

best game ever!! I love all of the characters design I wanna know so much about their backstories!

the demo is amazing, I can't wait for the full release.

my eyes keep focusing on Ais and Kuras, woah they are so prettyyy!! >_<

Omg I love this demo, I really like the whole vibe of this game like the way the colors look and the fall theme, really cozy. Mc's bedroom is really nice too, simple yet it feels like home :0

I wanna know more about chester ahh hes so tall 

So cutee, I love all the characters design! :D

Woah this is really good, I loved the mini sound effects you hear when you click on options it sounds kinda like technology/sci-fi?

The glitching broken screen scared me a bit as I was too focused on how pretty the character design was for Castor XD

I checked out music too I loved it all, the concept is really cool too! 

I can't wait to see more of this game :D

the demo was really fun, Jacob is a interesting guy to talk to! I can't wait for the full released :D

omg the demo is so good, I was literally mouthwatering everytime Tate popped up on the screen, everything about him is perfect I love his whole character design.

The art was really nice too, I love the artstyle and the facial expressions! 

I hope we get to see more of Vic, i wanna know more about his backstory :o

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this game is so fun, I love all of the characters!! The art is so pretty too! Kale is so cutee hes my favorite! :D

I can't wait to hear the voice acting for all of the characters, its gonna be so awesome! 

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Woah this game is really fun, I enjoyed it! My favorite was Mica, we had similar interests and it was cool. I mostly got the friendly/normal endings for all of them except for Mica but its okay after a few tries I got the ending of My Handsome Valentine ahh this was so well done! I loved this game :D

But Louie was also my fav route too he was really cool eheh

Oh wow this game looks so cool! I would love to play this later :0

All the characters look nice, too and ahh the town! It's so cute ahh I'm so excited to play this new game :D

Is there anyway we can send you fanart? :0

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Oh man that over the rainbow orange juice looks so good, the game looks so cool already! And buff guys who work at a Cafe woahhhh! I can't wait to play the game >_<

ahh that sounds painful, I see a lot of electric scooters where I live and they are really fast! 

I hope your arm heals soon much love ❤️❤️ take as much breaks as you need!!

Oooh interesting, i cant wait for the full game! I bet its gonna be awesome

Ohh happy late birthday, I didn't know there was a huge progress with making the game but now I know i'm even more grateful playing the visual novel. I also relate to you, since my ideas from my head are different on paper and I am an ultimate procrastinator lol. This was such a nice project, I am happy that you pushed thru resistance/hard times and finished this amazing game 🧡

I adored the voice acting its always my favorite part, whenever creators add voice acting to games it makes it feel more immersive and real its just really cool!

and ooh that flavor of monster sounds good, zero sugar too? maybe I should try it one day eheh >_<

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oh my god this game is really awesome! Aww i can't wait to see the blue Blythe's route he seems really interesting, I got the bad ending first then good ending ahah I really like despair in video games lol.

 I really like the characters, the orange blythe has such a nice voice too and so does the blue one! The extra art is cool too, i think the white top balances out with blythe's bright orange/blue hair!

I find bunnie's character design really cool, I love the whole yellow n red theme! This was really nice to play, another amazing game made, I can't wait for more!

the intro music on the title page is really soothing and the singer has a nice voice! its like angelic or soft sounding :D

I can also somewhat relate to the protagonist since during the pandemic I started feeling unmotivated n stuff and didn't celebrate my birthday at all since it wasn't important XD

Thank you for making this visual novel game, you all are really artistic and hardworking! ^_^

*cries quietly* I wish they can both meet in the afterlife so they can be happy together foreverrr, this was nice and short! I liked the mini character sprite of axel when hes walking ehehe. I loved the art too!

Interesting! I liked the voice acting part too! I can't wait for more chapters :)

oh man this is the best, thank you so so much! happy valentines day :3

Ahah yes I know that one ep from south park eheh, it would be rlly cool to go fishing with them ! Fun game :D

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Woahh that's a lot! That's really cool working on a project, I hope someday when I have more free time I can work (or volunteer) as a artist for visual novel games.

I can't wait to see your future games finished! I bet there gonna be so cool!

Oh and sorry for asking but If i drew fanart is there anyway I can send it to you? :]

Alright thanks! I hope your feeling better now!

Are you gonna make any more games any time soon or :0

I haven't played the game but I love how cool the character's design look :D

woah this game is interesting, i got all endings aah! such a fun game, I love my yandere guys lol. also are you the artist of the game or..? because i would love to see more artwork from the artist of this game!

omg got me screaming i keep getting eaten lmaoo this is fun

hes everything, i really like the 6th ending I can't wait for more games or more art of john doe ahh

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 this such a cool game omg john doe was there too omgggg aaaaaahh!!!

true ending yayyy! This game is really good, interesting plot twist 

ahh this was so fun, ehehe I loved the game 

damn, I honestly do struggle with being vulnerable. its hard lol *sobs in the corner* 

Happy new years!!

woaaaha this looks really cool! I can't wait to play the game soon

I'm excited to see your new projects!

I love this artstyle so much its so soft and prettyyyy 🥺 I can't stop looking aaaa

mm yummy foodd :D

I bought the game and I'm so excited!! I played almost all of ur games and they are so funnnn!!! :D

I wanted to support you so so bad bc you did such an amazing job at making games!! so take my $5 dollars lol. But yeah I will be buying more games from you in the future XD

xyx and quest were my FAV i love this game so much, the chats are so funny lmaoo. good lord every character here is so fine im running lol. i love it i love it so much thank you for making this game :3