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Thanks for response! I checked to be sure and it seems I made silly mistake with colors 馃槄 I will leave it in original comment, but to clarify - I gave up on part with blue key not purple. Well, it gives me chance to elaborate. 

Blue key is in my opinion hard to access (I'm looking at you, pirate rhino and sloping wall!), so struggling to collect it after every mistake (especially with such long and painful path to door) makes this part feel quite exhausting. I think it could be more bearable if checkpoint saved key, or maybe setting one checkpoint closer to spawn point of this key?
On the other hand real purple key (if I'm not confusing them again 馃槄) was on the path to bookshelf. Getting it to door was challenging but fun (I have praised beam already)! The key (:P) diffrence in my opinion was very easy return to purple key after small mess up (just falling down in good direction), so I could start another try quickly. It can be just me, but struggling to get key somewhere felt more entertaining, than struggling to collect a key 馃槄
Sorry for any confusion! I'll be happy to check out future updates (so glad to hear that current save file will be useful) and give more feedback. Best wishes!

I have spent wonderful time with this demo! My favourite segment is path to bookshelf -  beside screaming babies, they were kinda mean :P In all seriousness, such various use of beam's simple mechanic was super fun and exciting. 

I gave up on the part with purple key - it became too frustrating for me, but I am also not the best at platformers. :') 

Backgrounds are super unique and often stunning - one ot the most satisfying moments was floating between columns in some side room. It's one example of many nice touches that make your game look polished.

I will surely give it another time in the future. Good luck in development!

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This was great and I had an absolute blast for a couple of hours! I don't think attack cards fall of power - after some tries, strategy with Bloodlust being only card for moving was viable but still exciting. I still had fun after I believe forty levels, thanks to dynamic situation on board (many times I barely escaped level with 1 HP). Could use some new cards on later levels, but I think it's really good game as it is