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Sen Kajimari

A member registered Apr 30, 2018

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Hello! I'm super loving this so far, I'm really excited to see how this all turns out! Perhaps, you might not want to hear this (I'm not really sure how you'll be updating this or just releasing the full game when it's complete), but I would much rather have the script more complete than drawings and character design at first. I know that it's much better to have everything progressing at a good pace in one piece, but it's just a personal preference that I at least want you to know about if you update it! I love the plot and I'm very happy that the characters are much different than what I'm used to seeing in typical otome games. I'm very excited, I really would love to lend a hand in helping but unfortunately I almost have no time in my schedule... Keep up the great work though, I would definitely recommend this to others!