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En ingles, "motor" es "engine".

Sencillamente me molesta, es todo

I usually play games with the sound off so I don't get a headache, but I want to get the full experience to see how accurate it is.

Is this recommended, or will I get the sensory overload of "double-autism"?

It would be really nice to import JSON (or possibly XML?) from other places to make a quick and dirty database.

Also, it would save more work if I could copy items and categories from one database to another.

If this is a minority opinion, you can disregard this thread.

And when you make it a Linux-available executable (as suggested by Teafan), will you reveal the format the instrument sets are in?

I'd love to import some others.
(MOTHER 3 has the most realistic sax, trumpet, and electric guitar I have ever heard in a 16-bit game)

I would like to see some kind of automated edge detection and pixel darkening that creates outlines around sprites automatically.

Can this be done?

(obviously not perfectly, but maybe as a starting point)

Sorry about that.
Thanks for the prompt response.

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I notice the monster package is side-view. Is this package side-view as well?
I.e. does this base attack with its spear only to the left and right, or also upward and downward?
(my game is sort of a mystery dungeon meets zelda I adopted by chrono trigger... thing)
(and is in desperate need of better art than mine)

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Tradução em inglês quando? Ainda um Google Translate e uma recompilação generalizada, como em esta questão, aumentaria sua base de jogadores.

(Translation in English when?
Even a blanket Google Translate and recompile, such as in this question, would widen your player base.)
(Although the translation originally said "Mesmo" instead of "Ainda", which, according to my knowledge of Spanish, probably means "even" as in "same", rather than "shockingly". You wouldn't have to put in as much care. We understand.)

... when the Wild West ones are 1x2 tiles? They cannot fit together unless the American West is full of giants!