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I just compiled it from the GitHub.

It raised the same error message. This isn't a simple issue of updating the upload to Itch.

Regardless, please let me know when it's remedied.

It does. 
However, given what little I know about makefiles and that jazz, I don't think I will be able to make much use of this after all.

Thank you anyway.

Suppose I don't like C. Are there ways to call these C-language functions in an easier language?

(sorry for my naivety. i studied computer science in school, but they just taught us how to make mobile apps.)
(to be clear, I think this thing is awesome, and not just just the crazy exportability, but the retro scancode thing)

I'm running Ubuntu (lubuntu) 20.04 and trying to use the python bindings.

Any attempt to import from tilengine gives me the above error message.

In essence, I cannot even get started. Could someone please help me out?

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Which pack is the slime from?
I can't find one.
Is a Cozy Dungeon coming soon?

(If not, I hope you make plans for it eventually. Even Stardew Valley had dungeons--no matter how much the nature of combat conflicted with the peaceful nature of the game--just because people expected them)

EDIT: It's part of the Farm pack. You clearly planned for that already. I shouldn't be surprised.

Like I said, I understand.
Your assets are still very well-made and are undoubtedly very useful to other people.

These are compatible with 32x32 sprites, not 16x16, right?

Long shot, given your other work, but do you plan on making the other two directions and not just side-to-side?

I understand if you don't; it's just that I'm not making a side-scroller, but I'm a very big fan of your effects.

I am amazed by the extensiveness of this font.

Is there a monospace English section? I'm not even sure Unicode has this; I'm just assuming because people keep typing in monospace and using it in Youtube usernames.

A game font that has the option of being monospace would be awesome. I hope you add this to your plans.

En ingles, "motor" es "engine".

Sencillamente me molesta, es todo

I usually play games with the sound off so I don't get a headache, but I want to get the full experience to see how accurate it is.

Is this recommended, or will I get the sensory overload of "double-autism"?

It would be really nice to import JSON (or possibly XML?) from other places to make a quick and dirty database.

Also, it would save more work if I could copy items and categories from one database to another.

If this is a minority opinion, you can disregard this thread.

And when you make it a Linux-available executable (as suggested by Teafan), will you reveal the format the instrument sets are in?

I'd love to import some others.
(MOTHER 3 has the most realistic sax, trumpet, and electric guitar I have ever heard in a 16-bit game)

... when the Wild West ones are 1x2 tiles? They cannot fit together unless the American West is full of giants!