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I just realized we don't actually have a coming soon page on GOG :D but you can definitely get it today at 8 am PST

You should be able to see us on GOG now!

I've reached out to them regarding a "coming soon" page, but our current demo (still in development) won't be available for purchase via GOG because it's free! So Legrand Legacy will only be available in GOG for the full version.

Hi! We're actually approved to go on GOG, I'll check with them if we should have a landing page of some sort before the game is launched on January 24,  2018. Thanks for letting me know!

Hi, can you tell me which areas?

Sorry about that :( Beta is exclusively available for our Kickstarter & PayPal backers...

Ah, most people liked Combat B better, so that's what we are using now. You must like really really challenging games :D

Oh ok, yes the game is better played with a controller, but we're looking to improve the keyboard controls as well. Thanks for the input.

Hi CoreMaster.

Can you please be more specific about the controls? Did you play using a keyboard or a controller?

Thank you @chuckkilly :)