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I understand that completely, the location is great, it's just the fact it spelt a word that threw me off.

Hints can be an hart to place in puzzle games, trying not to be too obvious with them... but like I say I enjoyed it :)


I really enjoyed the game, nicely done and satisfying when you find the answer.


My one slight complaint is that in the room with the paint tanks the hint above the door had me stuck for ages because it said "PROP" above the door so I assumed it was a prop room and never made the connection on my own!!

Still enjoyed it though, good job.


I really like the game, have played through a few times now.

I had a little thought for an Easter egg / alternate ending you could put in; if you spell out "HELP" with logs you could get a little text ending where you get rescued by a plane.

Just a thought :)

That was a good little puzzle game! I really enjoyed it and didn't want to stop playing till I had finished it!