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thank you!!!

I added more now! I forgot to check itch for a few days

Glad you like it!

Yes, you can do that! Big fan of open source and programming and stuff. Go for it

replace an event of your choice!

You can pick the same weapon twice but ime it’s more fun to not

thank you!

it is correct

best pencil for procreate ever seriously


thank you!!

email me at laskowskichar at gmail

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the correct ability text is:

Bell Ringer - Harm

Make an attack and if successful, the enemy is Stunned for 1 round.

Oh no! That’s a mistake, thanks for pointing it out! I’ll have an update soon.

thank you so much!!

thank you!!

Yes! Just haven’t had time right now

thank you so much!!

as many as you want. You just start with 3, and when you upgrade your great hall you roll for more characters. sorry it wasn’t clearer!

thank u!!!


this looks SO GOOD

So cool!

This is correct, barring limitations on the parts themselves (like light thrusters or an ultralight reactor on an ultra frame, or not powering shields, or what have you), you can fill it up as your heart desires

really cool idea

Thanks so much!!

Join us on Discord!

Oh! Thanks for pointing this out. We switched out the example grid for that, but I think I forgot to edit the example text thoroughly. I’ll update it by tonight.

thank you so much!!

Thank you so much!!

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Sorry for the late reply! I am working on a 2.0 with new & refined mechanics right now.