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Sorry, no plans for that. But maybe you can draw an offhand weapon on the Sword & Shield combat animations? 🤷‍♀️

I have replied 😊👍

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Hi there! Can you please email me with some more details? Like which assets you want to use. How many students will use them each year. How many years you want access. Etc.  Thanks!

Awesome, that's just what I needed. Thank you!

Quality work, as usual. Any chance we can get the recolors spaced at 16x16? It's gonna take forever to rearrange the almost-900 icons into a more space-effective sheet

If you're still looking, I've finally made an interiors set :-)

I think the bar drinking animation is fine as is. It was a special request, and there's no room on the sheet to add a mirror. The existing blank cells are already reserved. You should be able to handle the mirror in-engine rather than copy/paste.

Hi there! Thanks for alerting me to any potential issues. I will investigate the fishing rod and update if necessary.

As for selling compatible outfits, that's something I would need to talk to the artist with after seeing their work. So I can't promise you anything now.

Sorry, I'm sticking to high fantasy for now. No plans for gun animations 😓

Awesome, happy learning!

Yup 👍

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :-)

Nope, not yet. There are some other things that need to be done first, but it'll happen eventually.

Thanks, I hope it works for you 😊👍

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Open the "color ramp samples.png" file included in this asset. It's got a bunch of suitable color palettes for skin tones and clothes you can use.

Same one from when you asked this last year 😅

I don't know anything about gb studio, so I can't answer that. Sorry!


Thanks for the kind words 🥰

There are individual leaves in each of my seasonal forest packs. You could give those a look 🤷‍♀️

Only after all the outfits have been brought up to date with the Base will I start incorporating the combat animations. But rest assured it'll happen eventually 😅

Those animations have now been updated!

Pretty nice! Love your use of color, and that lovely grass texture 😁

He's a big guy, he just doesn't want to get up 😅

Thanks! 😊🙏

Thanks for the compliment. I'm sorry it doesn't have all the exact tiles for your needs. I'm guessing you're referring to single tile lines, ends, corners, intersections, etc? Unfortunately, I didn't make this tileset with that particular type of gameplay in mind, but you're more than welcome to do some sprite bashing to make the ones that are missing for your system. If you can't do that then maybe adjust your gameplay to remove that issue. 2x2 tiles is the smallest unit of measure for this autotile, so maybe have players dig out bigger patches of dirt?  🤷‍♀️

I've made a note to add color palettes the next time I revisit the seasonal forest assets for a future update 👍

Thanks! 😊👍

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Please read the accompanying text files I provided to explain all that.

If you're still having trouble, come to my Discord server (link on the product page) and you can get some direct help from me or other devs who are using the Base in various game engines.

Really impressive amount of content here! Love it 💕

Thanks! 🙏🏽

Oh yeah, Rainforest Jungle coming next month 😉

Take a holiday in your imagination 🌈😅

I do everything in Aseprite. If you're interested in making some pixel art, I highly recommend giving it a shot. I think it's $20 on Steam. But if the price is an issue, GraphicsGale is a great pixel art app and it's free!

Note to self: change name to "non-animated armor" 👉😎👉

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It says in each outfit product description that they're not compatible with the combat add-ons. I made them long before combat add-ons existed. This is an ongoing project that I will likely expand upon for years. If I waited to release a combat add-on until all the outfits had been updated, each one would take months. Instead,  you have the Base sprites here and now. You can put them into your engine now, you can build your combat mechanics and playtest it. I am pretty certain I'll have the outfits updated before your game launches. If you want to use these assets, I encourage you to plugin a placeholder file for the combat outfits. I'll have them eventually and you'll already have everything in place.

All this stuff takes time. I am only one person. I don't blame you for going another route if combat outfits are the last thing you need before you can ship your game. But if you've got the rest of the Base working, you can just use a placeholder file while you work on the rest of your content. 

Correct. They will be updated eventually, but I've got a lot of other stuff that I want to finish first.

From the product description:

"All these animations revolve around using a spear or polearm, and include the following actions, all in four directions:"

Thanks! 😁👍

That's very kind of you, thank you 😁

Oh thanks, I'll look into that 😊👍