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I'm not sure I understand your question. The base ramps and the potential replacements are all in the palettes folders. The clothing and hair all use the base ramps already. Use those as the reference point for swapping out the replacement ramps. There's a color ramps image in the supporting files folder that demonstrates how they work. If you're having trouble grasping the concept generally, I invite you to take a look at the customizer app. Change the color ramp of a layer and see how it affects the sprite.

If you're asking how to set them up to change in your game, that's not something I can do for you. You need to program that yourself. If you're using Godot, there's a plugin linked on this page to help (MSCA). If you're using another engine, you'll need to look up tutorials on palette swapping.

No plans for that any time soon, sorry.

I am at 15 days on a payout right now, which is abnormally high. It's usually between 8 and 10 days. Seeing that you are also waiting gives me some reassurance that my delay is not an anomaly. Fingers crossed it happens soon 🤞

Unfortunately, writing to itchio support is a waste of time. You will never get a reply.

I have no idea what could be happening to cause your colors to look different. If you join the Mana Seed Discord server, you can share your problem in a channel specific to your game engine, and maybe someone will be able to help 🤷‍♀️

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No, the Farmer Sprite System is far more robust than the Character Base. You will need to draw your own outfits and hairstyles if you use the latter.

Sorry, they're not compatible. My advice is to choose whether you would rather make a farming sim or an action rpg, and limit your scope to increase your chances of finishing and releasing a game. Good luck!

I have contacted support on multiple separate occasions and never received a response. As far as I can tell the email is abandoned.

I wrote a lot of documentation and created an animation guide. There's also a FAQ linked at the top of the page. If you didn't see anything, look more closely, please. It should be clear what's the same or different if you take a moment to look at the asset.

I probably won't be making any combat animations for this asset, sorry.
If you're having trouble with setup, please refer to the documentation and animation guide included with the pack.

You can do that in any image editor. Resize/resample to 300%. Just choose "nearest neighbor" or "none" for the interpolation method or it'll be blurry.

If you need this to fit into RPG Maker, you may need to cut the sheet into smaller pieces, depending on your need.

This is all very basic image editing available everything from MS Paint to Photoshop, and important skills to have if you want to make a game. Maybe Google "how to prepare custom tilesets for RPG Maker" or something like that.

Congrats on world's first "rouge"-like 😅

Nope! I'm sure that's something you can do in-engine. Just shake the tree a pixel or two and scatter some leaves (those are included).

Beautiful work 💚

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Unfortunately this is a incredibly bad take. Anyone can see in the sample images on this page that great care was taken to separate every element of house construction to prioritize ease of use. I even labeled each layer of the house, from foundation to rooftops. I am baffled that you would have so much trouble, and insulted that you would blame me for your difficulties. Perhaps if you came here with a better attitude, friendly assistance could be provided.

Re-reading your comment, I'm struck by the thought that maybe you don't know how tilesets work? Individual tiles can be reused infinitely to make something as tall or wide as you want it to be. The "prebuilt roofs" as you call them, are not prefabs for you to drop into a map, they're a collection of all the tiles you need to construct a rooftop. Repeat the middle straight or diagonal tiles to make your rooftops as big as you need them for your house. And please ask for help before you make obviously false harmful accusations.

You're fine. I often include strategic empty space to allow for future updates without screwing up implemented assets.

The process is going to be different depending on which game engine you use (Unity, Godot, GMS, Unreal, etc). You should search for tutorials about something like a "paper doll system" or "layered character animations" within your game engine. You basically need all layers to animate in unison, showing the same frames at the same time. If you have trouble with something, you can try joining the Mana Seed Discord server (linked at the bottom of the page) and ask other devs who are using your game engine.

That's intentional, I'm afraid. The Farmer Sprite System does not include an outfit canvas. Sorry! 🙏🏽

Maybe in NPC Pack #4 😎

I don't put every asset in the seasonal sales, it's different every time. You can go to the sale page to see which assets are included. Iconic Homestead wasn't included in the sale this time around, sorry 🙏🏽 It's a couple bucks cheaper in my ko-fi shop if your don't want to wait for the next sale. But this is an old pack (my first ever, if you can believe), and I'd recommend you pick up one of my newer "Home" style tilesets, or the Cozy Village Bundle instead.

GameDev Market is a different website. You can find my shop there with this link. But you are correct, though: that shop won't be getting any updates. If you'd like to get any future updates/changes, you'd need to purchase them here on itchio (my Winter Sale is still open). Optionally, you can buy from my ko-fi shop, which is updated along with itchio (and is sometimes cheaper).

The Humble Bundle was for my products on GameDev Market. Those remain unchanged.

Yes, quite some time ago:

I'm sorry, friend 😓 you will need to purchase each bundle/asset individually. A frustrating consequence of itchio's lack of a shopping cart 🤬

If it's any consolation, I plan to keep the sale going as long as it's doing well. So hopefully long enough for you to execute on your plan 🤞😅

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I'm not sure what you mean by fishing spray, but if you're talking about the splash of water when you cast the fishing line, you can find something in my Farmer Sprite System, along with a bobbing bobber.

Looks great! I've recommended it in my Discord server 😁👍

Yes, you can download the free sample and use it in a video game, and sell that video game on Steam. You are not required to credit me.

There's a link at the bottom of the page called "Mana Seed User License" that explains everything in more detail, as well as additional restrictions that may or may not apply to your game.

As long as you scale in whole numbers (x2, x3, x4 or rather 200%, 300%, 400%) then your pixel art will always look good. So any multiple of 16 will work for this asset: 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, etc. If you try to mak,e it 24x24, then you'll ruin it 🤷‍♀️

One last thing, since I'm guessing you're using RPG Maker? Don't expect the autoiling to work. RPG Maker's autotiles are half the size of the regular tiles, mine are consistent. You'll need to place all your autotiles individually here.

All my tilesets are 16x16, so if you need 32x32, you can just resample (resize) by 200% (nearest neighbor) to get what you need.

Just be aware that you may also need to move some things around, or split the asset into multiple sheets, in order to fit within your game engine's tilesheet resolution limits.

No, not every animation is in 4 directions. Not where it doesn't need to be. Most of the emotes are only facing down. However, all of the farming/combat animations are in 4 directions. You can see everything in the free sample.

The platform(s) your game is released on shouldn't pose a problem, but feel free to check out the User License just in case:

That's lovely, what a cozy game! Good job 😁👍

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No worries. The FAQ is kind of hard to find. I need to think of a way to make it more accessible for sure!

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Reconcile? They're completely different products with intentionally different formats. Please refer to the Farmer Sprite System FAQ:

Never!! 😮

***foreshadowing intensifies***

Bro, I just told you like 2 days ago that it was gonna be a few months 🤦‍♀️😅

It doesn't actually charge you anything. You need to enter the amount you want to pay yourself. In this case, $9.89, as demonstrated on the sale page:

The value defaults to a $5 tip (for the free sample), but it looks like you manually typed in $29.99, because on my end it just says you gave me a $20.10 tip.

Itchio doesn't give us the power to issue refunds; you would need to either go through itchio support, explaining your mistake, or wait until I receive your payment in January, at which point I can send you the money through PayPal. If you don't want to pursue either of those options, I can give you a $20.10 discount on another asset now. Just send me a private message on Discord, Twitter, or Ko-fi (links on my website), or send me an email (which you can find at the end of the Mana Seed User License), let me know which asset(s) you'd like the discount on, and I'll give you a special link 👍

Follow me to get updates on it! My plan is to begin work on the horse as soon as the Farmer Sprite System's v1.0 update is published.