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Thank you a lot spudcat bros!

Hello Mika la Grand! Thank you a lot for your feedback, I appreciate it a lot. However, this is project that almost reached 6-7 months and I don't think I'm updating it (at least not by now, I'm working on something else), but again, thank you for taking your time <3

I enjoyed this game. Good job !

Thank you a lot for playing our game!! <3

2 Player mode is a must if we keep working on this project.


Thank you all for your votations guys!

We're so happy with the achieved score <3

Thank's for playing, and thank's for your feedback!

We appreciate it a lot <3

I love it!

A medieval version of this would be amazing

Hey. First of all, thank you a lot for playing our game!

I like the idea you had there! Some sort of casual sounds good, however, game it's not that hard once you get the trick on combos, It's just a matter of playing 3 - 4 runs.

Again, thanks a lot for playing, and we appreciate a lot your feedback, and we will have it in mind <3

Thank's so much for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Also thank you a lot for the feedback!

I kinda agree about the delay after landing, that was a last-day change, because we wanted to implement the landing animation without a weird-looking of it. So this was the result, however can be improved a lot ;)

Game is not balanced also, we finished it literally 30 minutes before the jam deadline (SFX and music). 3 days after releasing the game I can tell for example, that pixies could do more damage, and yeah, maybe healing up in other ways should be a thing also.

hey! Thanks for playing.

You can avoid the pixies jumping over them with dashes. Or doing a teleport back to the altar will make them die.

About the health, you restore it by picking souls, the problem is that those restore just a bit of HP, you need to do many kills in short periods of time in order to achieve a combo (which multiplies the health restored  per soul picked)

I said I wanted to play this. And I actually did it before anything after submitting my game hahaha. As I told you, aesthetics look great, I love it!

Keep updating the game at least few levels :)

Looking good guys! Keep on it, I love watching progress from week 1 until now

To be honest, I couldn't even leave the underground zone, It need some improvement on controls and movement. Gameplay feels smooth, and graphics are fine!

Thank you! I'll let the composer know about this :)

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Well @Dhalka, what you need to do is duplicate the background height/width (make sure it is a mosaic so it can be tiled), and make it move to the right/left if you duplicated the width or top/bottom if you duplicated the height. You can make it move with many ways, ie transform.position * speed * Time.deltaTime (where speed should be a small float in order to make the background move really slow).

Next step is getting the background bounds (ie Sprite.bounds.extents), asuming you're moving the background from left to right, you need to reposition the background to the left camera bound as soon as the right camera bound collide with the right background bound. That gives the feeling of infinite scrolling background!

If you got stuck with something, you can always add me to Discord. selewi#8440

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Thank you for your comment, it really encourages me to keep moving forward! <3

To be honest, I don't know AT ALL how to pixel art, I just improvise and know a bit about shadows/lighting, but I think I never watched a pixel art tutorial, just made some sprites for my older games (and get a bit better with time). Sometimes I look at some examples to have a reference point and then I start doing my own sprites, but it takes me like an hour to get to a sprite I like (for example the background is really simple and took me around 3 hours to get to that design that fits into the game).

What's your specific question about the parallax background ? 

Have a nice day, and thanks again for your support!

Loved this, maybe i'll use it in future projects. Thanks <3

El tope de velocidad ya lo puse (aun que es imposible alcanzarlo jajaja, es muy alto). Mejoró bastante el juego desde  que hice este devlog. No aguanto a que sea Miercoles para mostrar el siguiente!

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Hola!! Muchas gracias por tu comentario y por tu sugerencia, la aprecio mucho.

Decís que haga algo así como 2 plataformas ? Una superior y una inferior, y que para subir y quedarse arriba haya que hacer 2 taps ? O que hayan ciertos obstaculos a los que se pueda subir arriba?

EDIT: Ahora mismo estoy trabajando en algunos power ups, para que el juego no solamente se trate de correr y que el personaje cada vez vaya más rápido. De momento tengo pensado una espora que al agarrarla te reduzca la velocidad, para extender también un poco el gameplay ya que al rededor de los 400m de distancia recorridos el juego se vuelve muy muy difícil. También tengo pensado un power up que te deje romper un obstaculo si te lo chocas :D

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Or maybe add something that makes the player die if it's hit. So you avoid the dash spamming ! (Just giving some ideas)

The concept is pretty good, as well as the effects you made, but I think the controls are a bit confusing (even more when you're on sides and top of the box). I think aside of that, is a cool game.

Oh, also, the background is a bit distracting when you're playing, I would avoid using it, or maybe change it for a static version.

Nice job! <3

Is it even possible to complete level 3 ? I mean, there is a single intersection in the middle, how are you supposed to do that if every intersection counts as 2 ? 

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Hello ! I love the graphics, I've seen you made it in unity engine. How do you get this old school feeling have any tutorial around or tip ?? Thank you in advice!

EDIT: Nevermind, I just found that you posted a link on the jam submission! <3

Hi guys, this is my first ever published game called Starship V24H. Made in under 16 hours for learning purposes, it's about a spaceship equipped with a laser-beam, you gotta avoid obstacles while moving around and shooting, pretty simple but it's my first baby so i'm proud of it <3, I hope you give it a look! :D

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