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Thank you very much for the kind words and the video! Keep it up!

Thanks for the gameplay! The map isn't as big as it seems tho :P Trust me... It's just the boat being slow and the fog.

I've seen you  changed the target framerate of the application. You didn't like the 24fps cap ?

By making combos!

Hello! Yes, by now that's all, the game was done for a gamejam in under 4 days and later on we added some minimal features and bugfixes, but that's it :)

Hello Minya! Thanks for the video :) I'm currently working on a little update to balance things out a bit and make the game more catchy/scary. cheers!

Thanks for your feedback Kevin, we will probably do some balancing changes to make sure the enemy is more present!

Yes indeed, the monster becomes faster every time you pickup a skull :) glad to hear you liked it mate! We're rolling a new update tomorrow with more atmospheric stuff

I'm sad to hear that :( the game can be quite challenging, have you tried bringing the heads one by one to the church ?

We appreciate it a lot man, thanks for your time and effort!

Aaaand, its up!

I'll try to compile it for Mac tomorrow :)

On development in general, everything that could happen, will happen. I assumed esc would pause the game if that helps for feedback ;)

Liked the game! there's a bug if you press esc, the screen goes black and player needs to refresh the game to keep playing

Thank you for playing and for the video!! ... Quite sad to hear you've had a bad time with the game :( we're taking care of this issue for those who aren't quick enough typing by adding new playable classes and characters with unique combat mechanics :)

 Hey Soul! Thank you so much for playing and reviewing our game, much appreciated! you're invited to join our Discord community, there we are posting a lot of content related to the future updates for the game, and we will make some early releases as well so you can test.

Have a good day!

Hey Adoll, we're sorry to hear you had some problems with the game, specially with the combat. We're taking care of this for future updates, we have currently 3 characters with unique mechanics, some of them have some cooldown between attack but high damage output, to help low reflex players to accomplish more! I hope you join our Discord community and make your own suggestions!

Thank you for playing


Thanks for playing and seems like you've experienced the full game since you couldn't achieve better equipment. We're aware of the lack of content, consider this game was made in 72 hours so we hadn't time to add that much and balance. Since we liked the idea we decided to keep working on it, so we will bring updates for the game in the next weeks/months! Feel free to join our Discord server to stay updated :)


Thank you for your comment! :D Stay around

Hey there! Thank you so much for the gameplay you've uploaded :)

Do not be afraid to join our Discord community, but we plan on adding new classes, enemies, rooms, items, and some secret mechanics we're currently working on ;D

Thank you so much for featuring our game in your channel! Much appreciated :)

A truly warrior here! Congratulations on reaching room 60 ...

You've pulled off good conclusions there, if you liked the game now it's time to wait for the new content and updates to arrive. Stay tuned! :)

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Thank you for featuring or game with a video! Was really cool to watch you play.

You couldn't understand the mechanics really well tho, the game is about fast typing, without missing, if missing hits didn't deal yourself damage then you could just spam QWEASD, the amount of seconds that must pass before the enemy attacks you is indicated in the little clock at the bottom right corner, everything is explained quite well in the How to play screen

You will eventually receive more blood as reward, but it takes time :)

I didn't make it alone, we were 3 persons!

Hello adventurer!

You must be quick to get your blood back, at start you only get 1-2 of blood if you win an encounter, but have in mind that depending on the combat, the enemy can damage you so if you start a combat with 10 blood units, and the enemy does you 3 of damage and you win, you will end up with a total of 9 blood units.

I hope this is clear, cheers!

Thank you a lot spudcat bros!

Hello Mika la Grand! Thank you a lot for your feedback, I appreciate it a lot. However, this is project that almost reached 6-7 months and I don't think I'm updating it (at least not by now, I'm working on something else), but again, thank you for taking your time <3

I enjoyed this game. Good job !

Thank you a lot for playing our game!! <3

2 Player mode is a must if we keep working on this project.


Thank you all for your votations guys!

We're so happy with the achieved score <3

Thank's for playing, and thank's for your feedback!

We appreciate it a lot <3

I love it!

A medieval version of this would be amazing

Hey. First of all, thank you a lot for playing our game!

I like the idea you had there! Some sort of casual sounds good, however, game it's not that hard once you get the trick on combos, It's just a matter of playing 3 - 4 runs.

Again, thanks a lot for playing, and we appreciate a lot your feedback, and we will have it in mind <3

Thank's so much for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Also thank you a lot for the feedback!

I kinda agree about the delay after landing, that was a last-day change, because we wanted to implement the landing animation without a weird-looking of it. So this was the result, however can be improved a lot ;)

Game is not balanced also, we finished it literally 30 minutes before the jam deadline (SFX and music). 3 days after releasing the game I can tell for example, that pixies could do more damage, and yeah, maybe healing up in other ways should be a thing also.

hey! Thanks for playing.

You can avoid the pixies jumping over them with dashes. Or doing a teleport back to the altar will make them die.

About the health, you restore it by picking souls, the problem is that those restore just a bit of HP, you need to do many kills in short periods of time in order to achieve a combo (which multiplies the health restored  per soul picked)

I said I wanted to play this. And I actually did it before anything after submitting my game hahaha. As I told you, aesthetics look great, I love it!

Keep updating the game at least few levels :)

Looking good guys! Keep on it, I love watching progress from week 1 until now

To be honest, I couldn't even leave the underground zone, It need some improvement on controls and movement. Gameplay feels smooth, and graphics are fine!