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Hello! Thank you for playing and comparing the demos! This feedback is really appreciated. One small thing: The grenade launcher is available but hidden in a secret (E1M3)

Thank you for the kind words! And I’m very happy it worked for you!

Ah! Glad you managed to make it work. Thank’s for the words :)

Hello. Which OS are you in?


Thank you for such detailed feedback and for playing the game!

Thank you Brad! 

Hello everybody, I've setted up a Discord community to discuss about topics related to the game jam or find team mates. Feel free to join!

Take me there!

Thank you buddy!

Well done! I enjoyed Coven, there is some stuff I think it's worth mentioning.

First of all, I loved the weapon variety, I think I've discovered all the available weapons for the demo (Axe, fork, dual pistols, shotgun, xbow, grenades). All the weapons were great but I really liked the xbow, specially because of the alt shot. I think you're going to address this later but I feel the grenade is quite cheap in terms of VFX (loved the resting hand pose though).

The visuals were great, I liked that the environment is breakable and that you can pick up some stuff like torches and crates.

At some particular  situations I found myself running around without knowing what to do, specially the torch puzzles parts, maybe you can find a way to highlight the task the player must do.

I liked how you can slow down time (even though I didn't use this too much, I think it will be useful on later stages). Eating stuff is disgusting and I love it.

Overall this is a good demo, I really liked it. Keep it up!

They do have names!

Skeanners: Guys with the blades

Headnails: Guys with the metal bolt guns

Meatballs: Self explanatory

Ragzoids: The mummies in the second map

Interesting art style! Feel free to reach out if you still look for a team, I'm a game dev

Discord: selewi#8440

Hello. Reach me out! I'd like to talk with you, I'm a game dev.

You can find me on Discord (selewi#8440)


Thanks for playing and sharing this video!

Thanks for plaaying and sharing the video! Cool gameplay :)

Thanks for playing mate!

Hey David thanks for the detailed feedback! I'm going to make sure to have it in mind for future updates

Thanks for the kind words! I'm really glad you liked the game :) Stay tuned!

Thank you very much tobias! I'm happy you had a good time with the game :)

Hey thanks for playing and sharing this gameplay!

It’s hard to estimate right now to be honest

Nice game, it's an authentic roguelike!

Thanks for playing it guys! And for sharing this video

Thank you for playing and uploading this!

Thank you for playing the game and sharing it! I'm really glad you liked it

It was made with Unity

There are plans for future releases on other stores, yes!

ASKE community · Created a new topic Feedback & bugs
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Please, use this thread to provide feedback about the game or post any bug you found while playing.

Thank you very much for the kind words and the video! Keep it up!

Thanks for the gameplay! The map isn't as big as it seems tho :P Trust me... It's just the boat being slow and the fog.

I've seen you  changed the target framerate of the application. You didn't like the 24fps cap ?

By making combos!

Hello! Yes, by now that's all, the game was done for a gamejam in under 4 days and later on we added some minimal features and bugfixes, but that's it :)

Hello Minya! Thanks for the video :) I'm currently working on a little update to balance things out a bit and make the game more catchy/scary. cheers!

Thanks for your feedback Kevin, we will probably do some balancing changes to make sure the enemy is more present!

Yes indeed, the monster becomes faster every time you pickup a skull :) glad to hear you liked it mate! We're rolling a new update tomorrow with more atmospheric stuff

I'm sad to hear that :( the game can be quite challenging, have you tried bringing the heads one by one to the church ?

We appreciate it a lot man, thanks for your time and effort!

Aaaand, its up!

I'll try to compile it for Mac tomorrow :)