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i'll be your friend

hi whitty

it's fine

I have a bug to report. For some reason, whenever i hit two notes that are close together, it gives me a miss, even with ghost tapping turned on. I got 21 misses in one part and there weren't even that many arrows. I ended up with 138 misses. I'm really good at the game, it's not my fault!

does week 5 have the health drain for the last song?

ur welcome

hey i need to thank you for the note glow warning. some of the people using the gamasexual version were also struggling with that so i copied the message and pasted it into the discord

don't go into fullscreen. i have managed to make it through blammed before without it freezing

ha. same

it is cute. i like boyfriend and pico's designs too

M.I.L.F is a pain in the ass to beat. so many things flying at you at once

horny lol

i like what it does. not gonna say though.

ok sorry i didn't realize that.

Here's a secret. press the g key after switching to ghost garcello and it will switch to the one in fading. then, if you think you can avoid crying, press space and it will play the ending of fading with garcello disappearing.

yeah. i had to look away to avoid crying

why is that in there? they trying to make us cry again? i actually looked away and almost did.

why is the ugh thing in every single mod?

well i rarely use that kind of keyboard. i mostly use a chromebook, so i don't know the controls

yeah. makes tabi  sound

i tried that and it closed it out

and i love that animation

if you press 1 it plays the animation of him summoning his microphone

so pressing c plays the cutscene of tabi blowing up the place and then you have phase 2 tabi

it plays gospel for demon and parish for regular


give me one for ruv and/or selever now and i'll be happy

i like that if you hover your mouse over the icon the phase changes

i like that

phase 2 agoti's right animation does


bruh. he died. how would you not cry from that

probably won't do this but i do love agoti

I go nuts when boyfriend goes nyaw. his face is adorable.

so sad. who else cries from this?

i guess not. 

same with me. i tried to make it so i could to the tutorial as pico and it got stuck

it's fixed.