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This was such a beautiful experience, I enjoyed it a lot! Got all 3 endings and met all the characters. The story and art is just soo hauntingly beautiful. Calming, but also tragic, knowing that they're all going to disappear very soon. The VAs did such a wonderful job bringing all the characters to life, really love every single one of them <3 

Thank you for this!

I was NOT expecting that ending! This was so beautifully written, and the art really supports the narrative. The GUI is also adorable! I ended up clicking anything resembling a button to see if there's a hidden feature hahah

This is... I.. I don't know what I just played and I have no idea what's happening. It's weird, slightly disturbing, and made me feel uncomfortable. Great job, I love it! Visual and music are very fitting for the whole theme too!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! It was a challenge to keep all the different emotions wrapped up under 1k words haha, so I tried to keep it vague. Also, good job on noticing the background!