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Well, I am just floored by how absolutely amazing this game was/is. I've made it through the entire game once (with a good ending + romance, and a/the bad ending) and I can't wait to play through the other routes to learn more about this incredible world. 

I had played what's available of Errant Kingdom a couple months ago in six or seven hours because I have no chill and I remember ending the game and just thinking to myself "wow these writers and teams at Lunaris are just pushing the genre forward" and having played one of y'alls games to completion, I'm feeling the same way. I can't wait to see what's next and hope everyone can celebrate all their hard work!

Playing the demo now and am loving it and the sheer number of side characters and options per choice is so fun! I don't think I've ever played a VN before with more than three or four options per choice!

Also love the casual diversity of characters, especially the cousin and her gf.

sidenote, does our MC have narcolepsy?! i am interested to see how her character grows beyond only sleeping and eating (though I very much relate to that lol)!

Hello! At the moment violet and seamus are definitely my top interests but I loved everyone that we got to meet so far! I'm really excited to see what's next. Also when you eventually are at the point of releasing more information, I can share a press release on the website I write for! You can dm me on twitter at chotoranii and I can get you my email since I don't think I can message you here...

Just played the demo and I really enjoyed what there is up so far! I was able to get by the bug with the mailbox key by going to a previous save so it seems to only happen if you don't enter something at all and hit next (which I did accidentally). I love how diverse the LI and characters are and am already Intrigued about the story. Also hoping Aunt loretta is okay....

this game is frickin delightful. i was definitely yelling at raen "THERE ARE OTHER CITIES PLS FRIEND PLS" and then meeting al lthe side characters, lilas? im love her

i cannot wait to see the full game and really find out What the Frack is happening in the story!! great demo

Hi! I got 3 but not 2 yet. They’re actually working on a simple guide/walkthrough so that will help. I can try to go back and figure out how I got 3 tho. Lemme know :) 

This was a stunning game and the art is just absolutely gorgeous!!

This was so good! I played for about three and a half hours and got all but endings 2 and 3 so hopefully I can figure that out soon... Story is incredibly compelling and I have a thousand questions about the universe and can't wait to see what's next!