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Game works perfectly, and it's very good. It's absolutely playable and fun. Graphics is brilliant, gameplay is addictive - as it was in good old days :) . Big THX for a demo, it's very good, almost forgotten, practice.

I had a problem with self-switching cursor over menu positions, reason was my A4TechV7 mouse on Linux. After switching to generic 3-buttons mouse game works fine, so it was my hardware fault :) I'll have to find another good gaming mouse fully compatible with my OS. Good game and hardware solution is a win-win case, so thx SpreadShot :D

Game is really good, but I have problem with it: on startup screen with 3 fields: "New game - Options - Save/Exit", higlight switches itself constantly between those three fields, and it's fast, so I have to try to hit correct button. Moving cursor over one field doesn't stop switching. I don't have any controller connected, just PS2 keyboard and USB Mouse (+ Wacom tablet but its disconnected atm). Phenom II X4/GTX 750 and Linux Mint 18 64bit.

However when I hit correct button game seems to work ok, and its awesome on Linux - big THX :)