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Oh nice ! Thank you ! I ddin't know if it would work. So yeah, to me if you forget the save thing there's nothing that i dislike about your game. You did a great work !

First i really want to salute the amazing work you've done and are still doing with this game. 
Though i have a question, is there or will there be cheats/pre registered saves to get to a specific point in the game ? I've completed several version on this game and I gotta say, even though I live it, it's a bit long to catch up each time. ^^' 

If there's no such thing it's okay, i just wanted to ask :3
Again, GG for this amazing work !

i can't wait, do you have an estimation of the releast date ?

i can't wait ! ❤ Plus to be honest your two games are in my favorites nsfw games

you find an item in the lab that make you able to do a new move : 

jump + (while your in the air) attack + down.

he then do a mario like attack and it breaks the huge blacs near the giant frog in the forest. you have a lot of new enemies and area. when you're stuck at the lab you're only at 60% of the current game.

thanks, it's really nice. ^^

I really want to let you know that your game i way better than a lot of the games i've played on Plus it's a visual novel and i usualy don't like them a lot but i loved yours.

Don't worry I understand, I'm a student as well so I now it's a bit hard with all the work. Good luck. 👍

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I loved your game, it was so good ! I loved the romance bethween these two. I usualy don't like that much visual novels but I'm really glad i gave it a try ! 💖 PS: I hope it will continue. ^^ 

Honestly it's my second favorite visual novel. I loved it, i just kept reading it in one time and i didn't saw the time pass. Continue like this, if i had money you would be one of the firsts who i'll support on patreon 💖. (I'm french, sorry if my english sucks)

I'd love to have a sequel.

it would be cool yo have a zip or rar version to download, i can't run it in my browser... but still i think i could like this game a lot when i see the comments and the pics.

a very nice game, 

(SPOILER !!) For the ones like me how were stuck at a point of the game :

the small plug on the bed - the green dildo - the door knob - go downstairs and take the phone book in the drawer - use the phone in the kitchen - make pecan cum - make raleigh cum - go inside and clic the fence of the staire where the but plug shaped part is and take it - make cum cyprus - then make cum beelzebub (you still can't take the knot - go in the corridor and remove the carrpet and go down - take the horse toturer butt plug and return to Beelzebub and take his knot.

wery nice, i liked it.

wery nice, i liked it.

Honestly your games are at least in my top 5 favorite games. I'm really glad that you continue it. thank you !