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Very fun gameplay :)
The wait time when stamina is depleted felt very punishing.
It felt quite easy with very small adjustments instead of wide swings, maybe have stamina deplete less when holding longer or more for short taps.
You could also take a fixed bit of stamina every tap.

Hi, I just released an early version of my game containing your characters: There are a lot of games with your assets and they look amazing thanks to your art. I really love the art style and especially the animations makes them look awesome. My plans are to add more of your work later, so I am looking forward to new Heroic Assets :)

Hi, I just released an early version of my game containing your Airship: I really love the art style and the different variations look awesome. I might add some more more uses for it later, but for now it's only used as background in the menu ^^

Hi LYASeek, I just released an early version of my game containing your characters: I really love your MiniFolks and especially their animations look awesome. My plans are to add more of your characters later, so I am looking forward to new packs :)

Btw...I could use some female version of some male characters ;)

Thanks a lot for playing and giving feedback :D

Really fun game :D feedback on the sword swings feels good. Only thing I didn't like was that spamming attack didn't do nearly any damage, so I had to charge the attack. Controls could be changed a bit and made into a mobile game, I can see this being fun on mobile devices.

They are quite big and can obscure some of the other assets. The unfilled bar and the border make them very present and distracting as well. I would suggest dropping the bars entirely and use some tinting mechanic on the actual enemy sprites or something more subtle like numbers. The rotation of the healthbars makes the game look more dynamic, but they are more distracting than helpful. Think about what info the player really needs. Is the rotation helping the player see the enemy health better or is it helping in any other way?

The game looks nice and plays really well. Those big clunky health bars could use some updates and the passing stars are a bit distracting, although they makes the game look better.

A volume option would be nice as well if this is not intended for mobile use only.

I would also pick something else than coins for the points. maybe just some glowing orbs. Coins kinda indicate you can buy something with them.

Other than that, great game :D

Very cute artstyle :D

The game looks nice (very arcadey) and the gameplay feels ok...until you run out of ideas on what to do. I am sad to say, I never made it to any kind of combat :(

The Cards and sprite textures look a bit washed which makes things like "active" or "sleep" very hard to read even on fullscreen.

My biggest concern was that I was totally lost and didn't know what to do. I just flew around and my crew kept pestering me about changing speed or direction. I think a tutorial or some introductory handholding would benefit the game a lot. Even a short todo list might be nice to have instead of being dropped into a game without any explanation of what the objective is or what the player is supposed to do. What are those allocation values used for? What should I do first? Is there any urgency to do anything?

Leaving the player to explore a sandbox (if it is one), is great, but only after introducing the sandbox to the player.