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I love these types of games, and this one was done very well. There are plenty of funny and simply strange suggestions, and often the end result and impact on your Customer Approval and Stocks may not be what you expected, which honestly just makes it more fun.
Feel free to check out my video on it, but I'd suggest playing it for yourself, its a fun yet simple little game.
(Also, giving Ferret Insurance to your employees should max out your stocks and approval, it is the most vital part of running a company.)

Gotta say, this game is really fun. It beings simple enough, but that is good because it give you time to learn how the game works and get a grip for the controls. It ramps up quickly, with you getting faster and getting better upgrades, and the enemies ramp up as you do. Certainly worth checking out!

Ohh, that's actually really interesting. Great way to mix up playthroughs! 

It's all good, the game was still funny regardless. Now I gotta go back and see if I was correct lol

Ayy thanks a lot! Keep up the great work man!

Gotta say, the 10 second time limit really put the stress on me. After playing through it the first time, I kinda got the hang of just quickly skimming what they are saying and replying quickly. I did have a few glitches (namely not being able to select the character I wanted to, and one dialogue issue), however I see that the dev has updated the game, so I assume this issues are resolved (now I want to go back and see if my guess was correct). Feel free to check out the vid below

I certainly understand the message behind the game, but for me it was just fun to see what crazy people you could find. "I want to lick your teeth" has to be the best pick up line ever, and I intend to use it from now on. I'd suggest playing the game for yourself, but feel free to check out my vid as well

This short little game was actually a lot of fun, mostly just seeing what kind of replies the manager would have when I tried to de-rail his interview. I'd suggest to check out the game yourself as it is a small download and a quick playthrough, however, like %50 of all people on this site, I made a video. 

I honestly have no clue how that would work. Unless you hook up a mouse to the phone/tablet (which some Android devices do support) it won't be able to do anything. Tablets/phones do not work the same way as computers, by a long shot.

Open your Volume Mixer and turn it down

Anytime! It was honestly a lot of fun. I never wondered what it was like to only have one hand, and ontop of my head, but now I think I have an idea of how complicated of a life that would be

Anytime! I love checking out pretty much anything on Itch or GameJolt, so I'll make sure to check out your page

Took me a bit to get the voice-to-text to work, but this game was honestly worth it. It is a short expierence, but a very fun one. Check out the video below if you are interested

This was actually harder than what I had expected. Then again, I do kind of suck at everything I do

I mean yeah, it was a short and simple game, but it was a lot of fun

Honestly just being able to rename French Fries to Freedom Fries is all you need to make me like your game

Yeah I know this is two years two late, and I may have ragged on the game a bit, but it was interesting for an intentionally bad game

This game was pretty short, but honestly it was a enjoyable expierence. Only issue I had was that the grab button on my controller (Official XboxOne wired controller) didn't work, however it worked just fine on keyboard and mouse. Feel free to check out the video below

This game is my new therapy. It is simple, but has a fair amount to it for a game about playing as a shark, and there are more items in the game than I originally thought (tornado machine is the best).
Feel free to check out the video below

I am super late to the party, but this game was a lot of fun, so I felt like sharing this. Hope you all enjoy!

Honestly this game is amazing, I had fun trying to ruin my own life, like I do IRL. If  you are interested, check out the vid below 

It requires a download, it can't be ran from your browser

This game is great, not really any jumpscares like I expected, instead it works as a great doxing machine lol. Game is free so just download it, but if you want your expierence spoiled, here is a vid

This game was great! Honestly the best part was the voice acting, breaking down laughing when they tell you to steal stuff. Anyways, like everyone else, here is a YT vid.