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This game is my new therapy. It is simple, but has a fair amount to it for a game about playing as a shark, and there are more items in the game than I originally thought (tornado machine is the best).
Feel free to check out the video below

I am super late to the party, but this game was a lot of fun, so I felt like sharing this. Hope you all enjoy!

Honestly this game is amazing, I had fun trying to ruin my own life, like I do IRL. If  you are interested, check out the vid below 

It requires a download, it can't be ran from your browser

This game is great, not really any jumpscares like I expected, instead it works as a great doxing machine lol. Game is free so just download it, but if you want your expierence spoiled, here is a vid

This game was great! Honestly the best part was the voice acting, breaking down laughing when they tell you to steal stuff. Anyways, like everyone else, here is a YT vid.