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My English is not good, and I think the pricing is too low. You deserve more. If you don't increase the price, I suggest offering more bags, each priced separately. Can you make an animated frame of a fishing rod catching fish?

amazing,i want more ,like slime monsters

i love it ,i want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!


can I use them in godot engine?

only for bakin game engine?

so cool

This is very cute!!

this is amazing!

will you update this pack like other packs?

this is amazing

I like it

Can you add a basic hero

Your work is amazing ,Will you  updated more new characters?

I bought 4 materials for $49.99, and now 5 materials are only  $49.00-.-

Your work is amazing!!!! I like your colors!!

i love it 

I love it ,can i used in  commercial project

Your work is amazing ,Will you sell the character ,I love it!!


welcome back

your work is amazing!!! I love it !!!

this is amazing!!!!

I want Characters!!!

this is amazing

I like bike !!! Is this in your future plan?

this is amazing

This is amazing!!!!

Will you updata something about farmwork?

I waited a long time for update cpzy people asset pack

Your work is amazing ,can i use it for my free game,I will credited you

tiles something is missing

your work is amazing!Do you have any plans to make some toon material pack?


your work is amazing !!but I don't know how to use fishing animation,Can you put all the animation together ?

I had to purchase all  of your Cozy packs . Can you tell me how much you will update in future