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Unfortunately it's a common issue for python programs packaged with Pyinstaller or cx_Freeze :(

Aww thank you! I'm happy you found it useful.
I learnt it from another tutorial, but found the code a bit confusing.

At some point I'd like to try making a desktop pet with another programming language or library. Looks like pygame could be a good choice, but I'm guessing any other game framework/library that can draw transparent windows would work well too.

Thanks! I'll upload a version for mac sometime in the future.

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Hi Filipe! Thank you!
I'll look into the windows issue.

I don't use PYIN to extract the fundamental frequency, only the barebones autocorrelation approach. I had planned to switch to YIN or SNAC, but I never got around to it.

I've never had anyone contribute to a project of mine, I'm new to this 😄.

I'd gladly accept contributions! We can continue discussing this on discord.

Sure! You can do whatever you want with the tutorial code. I'm glad you found it useful. :)

I never added flying. Maybe if I continue working on it, I'll add it someday.

Perhaps you're using a different number of frames? That's my only guess

Close the cmd.exe window that appears with the bird

Alright, I've updated the description with some info. This tool is only useful for harmonica players though.

Really lovely visuals and fitting ambient music! I enjoyed watching you make this on twitch :D

Love this! very fun to play around with

Thanks, glad you liked it! I was originally planning on adding more game modes, but I kind of lost motivation. I do want to make a better version of this at some point though. Maybe using a different engine/language.

Hi! It's not open source right now, but I might open source it in the future when I decide on a license. My code has no comments though. I did write a tutorial that should get you set if you're looking to do something similar: here. It's a bit of a work-in-progress though. There's also another tutorial if you google "python desktop pet tutorial", but I found it a bit confusing. Hope that helps!

it might require Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (see my reply to guilber below). otherwise it could be an antivirus issue

you can just close the cmd.exe window that opens

Probably not, sadly. The code is windows-specific and I didn't manage to get it working on linux either

love the aesthetic of the UI

thanks! glad you find it useful!


Yeah, that's the first thing I'll be fixing soon :D

Thanks for your feedback! The lap option is a good idea. Although you can achieve the same effect currently by clicking the start/stop button twice. I'll definitely add the ability to start with enter. The heaviness is a side effect of turning a python program into an executable (and having to bundle python with it), and I don't think I can fix that directly, but I may look into turning it into a python package that other python users can easily install.

Glad you found it useful!

Thanks! I'll have to think about that in the future (planning on updating this). And I'll add a direct link to the source code later, for anyone interested.

Lovely goblin art! The way the icons move when you hover over them, or way the resulting images bounce looks and feels very nice

super neat!

aww thanks! I appreciate the feedback, will work on both these points in the future

thanks for letting me know! thought I'd solved that issue :(

you might need to install "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable", if you don't already have it:
64 bit
32 bit

if that's not the issue, then I'm not sure

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That's a good idea! I'm planning on adding that in the future.
Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it :)

I switched from pyinstaller to cx_Freeze. Could you check if it still gets flagged for you?

pyinstaller causes a lot of antivirus false positives. I'm not sure it's possible to solve that. I could upload the source code, but that would require installing python and some modules


thanks! I wasn't thinking of a sunset when I made it (just a side effect of the color scheme I chose), but I see it  now :D

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

thanks a lot!

Wow, those textures are fantastic! I love the little details like the poster on the side and the AC units. I tried adding AC units to mine, but I couldn't get them to look good

Thanks! I was originally going to go for a more realistic look and make a swamp-house. But then I realized that that is beyond my skill level and switched to a simpler aesthetic.
I really like your treehouse btw!

very cute!