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Seductive Cabbage

A member registered Jan 12, 2020

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Will you still continue releasing new chapters here?

Also, from the latest chapter, is Ellius going to be a love interest? That would be very very interesting. (Not to mention, he looks gorgeous in this season)

Hi, just bought this game on steam and I'm loving the game so far but I'm having a bit of a problem with the resolution. The character's outlines and details are blurry, both in windowed and full screen mode. Is there anyway I can adjust the resolution?

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I just played and this is marvelous! It's so good, love it so much! In games you usually have a character you hate but in this one you'll learn to love everyone and their curses are so well implemented, it really suits them. I was so curious about everybody's curse. I also love the main character, I'm tired of always playing a goody-good heroine, a flawed heroine is always more interesting. I've finished all the good and bad endings, and I highly suggest to either go for the bad endings first or don't go for the bad endings anymore after you got a good ending because they'll just break you. EVERY single one of the bad endings broke my heart. I've picked Karma first, then Rod, Rumpel, Waltz and then Fritz. The game was so worth it!

You're the best!

Can't wait for your next update! <3

So gorgeous. Everything about this game is gorgeous.

It's the harpies in the cabin. You'll be able to see them if you choose not to hide or stay still.

OMG I think exactly the same!

This free game has exceedingly surpassed my expectations, in fact I can't think of any other VN that comes close to this one. It it truly a masterpiece and I enjoyed every second of playing it.

*The art is gorgeous and the fact that you can customize your character makes everything a hundred times better. 

*The story is great. Everything is interesting and written well and told in a right pace.

*The characters are unique and likable

*You can make your own personality and that's probably one of my favorite aspects of this game, that you're given very versatile options to how your character can respond. 

*Choices matter! 

*Romance is beautifully developed. It's not overwhelming nor lacking. Just right. I only tried one LI so far but I absolutely love him.

*Music is pleasant

Everything about this game is fantastic and I'm shocked I just found it now. Kudos to the dev for creating this masterpiece. As soon as I'll find a job and get my salary, I'll donate. 

Just got to finish it today, and OMG Goosebumps! What a cliffhanger! I love everything about this game: the story, the characters, the dialogues, romance and friendship between characters. Thank you so much for making this, you have no idea how happy this game made me. Love you Rin!