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Amiga or Atari 800 would be cool :D

Unfortunately I can't run this CRT with my SIDEkick - it'll be cool having a .d64 version/file too :)

From what I see I really really will love this game :)

:) I love playing your game, makes much fun - it's wonderful!

I've done also a video of one of my first rounds:

Really cool game, lots of fun while trying to beat the (own) Highscore!

My short video showing your game (German):

Love the Amiga version, the enhanced looks are really cool.

I've done a video (in German) showing the Amiga version:

Cool game, I've played it on my SixtyClone - this is the video I've made (German language):

Very cool game, makes a lot of fun playing it :)

I've done a short gameplay video for my channel:

:) I recently got a ZX Spectrum and of course I played Tenebra on it:

Toll :) Genau im Stil der Spiele wie ich sie von "damals" in Erinnerung habe - nur halt in "neu". Macht absolut Spaß!

Hab dazu auch ein Video auf meinem Kanal veröffentlicht:

I love Tenebra 2, really fantastic game! I enjoyed part 1 and now love playing part 2.

I recorded one of my first sessions for my channel:

Whow - this is really a cool game, I recorded one of my first sessions playing it:

Love it! I've recorded a little session playing it (German language):

Amazing fast! Very cool game!

I recorded a short gameplay video (German):

Very cool game - For my channel I've done a video which shows the gameplay:

Cool game - I've spend "some" time playing it since I played it for the first time(s) for the video I've released at my channel:

Tolles Spiel! Derzeit starte ich es immer wieder um zu schauen ob ich nicht doch irgendwie weiter komme :P

Auf meinem Kanal habe ich auch mal ein kurzes Video zum Spiel veröffentlicht:

Fantastic, love this game!

I've done a short gameplay video of it:

Awesome! Released a short video showing the first minutes of the game:

Follix community · Created a new topic Video

Love this game - I've made a video and published it on my channel: 

Really cool idea, love the game.

I've uploaded a short "Lets Play" at my channel:

:) Hope to see more games from you "soon" :)

This is a great game, really love to play it again and again.

I've made a short video of it and published it on my channel:

Cool game, played already some rounds... love it: