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I love the changes you made to the original. Adding the wind mechanic is a nice way of adding more complexity that fits the environment. The higher focus on the reflect mechanic is fun as well, and the addition of more levels can also not be avoided.

The only thing that bugs me is that the taxi that picks you up drives through walls. That being said, it is great. 

This game transports me right back to the days when I played Wii Party with my brother. It has a cute visual style and some fun gameplay that gets you really hooked. The game can quickly transition from a casual to a more competitive vibe with the right people. 

My main issue is that it is designed for four players, which limits it. Apart from that, I really enjoy the game and can only give suggestions, like adding a possible 2 v 2 mode.

It is a great game, and I will definitely play it again with my friends if I can find enough controllers.

This is an enjoyable game with a fun premise and a very retro visual style. I like the level of design elements and how some of the elements are visible but not always trigger to kind of throw you off from time to time. 

The biggest issue that I have with the game is that the controls are a little uncontrollable, but I feel that this was part of the design. The dash, however, feels more like a hazard than a tool to get out of sticky situations. I was also able to clip through the wall a couple of times with the dash, which did manage to get me a high score. 

All this said, this is a fun game that offers a very good challenge with an awesome visual style.

A game about punshing animatronics, sign me up. This game offers a fun take on the rhythm game genre with fun and addicting gameplay. I love that it includes a hard mode to challenge the player. The game itself feels very satisfying to play, with some good music that fits the style. 

This being said, there are some small issues I have with the game. These are mainly about communication. I feel like the HP of the player should be located closer to the focus point of the game, because looking to the top left to check your HP is a bit of a risk when playing. Using a post-prosseing effect like a vignette, you could also communicate the HP better with the vignette becoming smaller the lower your HP or do something similar to the call of duty games where blood is displayed on screen when your low on HP. I think an audio indication of you missing a punch would also definitely help here.  Another small problem I have is that it is difficult to see when the anamatronics are in range for you, punch. This makes it a little difficult to time the punch right. However, this might just be because I am less experienced with these types of games. 

To add some possible suggestions to make the game even better, I would also maybe add in a voice line that plays at certain milestones (every minute or so) to encourage the player more.

When it comes down to it, this is a fun little game that is very addictive, and you can definitely take my word for it that I am going to try and get to 3 minutes on hard mode.