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Secret Treehouse

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Thanks for the review and for your kind words! We like the open and nonlinear parts of this game but have thought about ways we might have toned down the getting-lost factor a little.

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The design and presentation are solid and I really, really enjoyed this one in terms of the 'feel' of the controls, the jump in particular gave me a feeling of something I could and should master and that I was in control of. The only place this game takes a hit from me is genre, since it's definitely fairly linear overall despite a branching path or two. But I could easily see you taking this concept and building a larger exploratory/precision platformer of Nifflas proportions with this as a precursor mission. One of my favorites so far. - kkairos

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I can't get out of the first hole. Any advice or [further] instruction on controls and how to do that at all would be very helpful, because it seems like I just can't jump high enough.! Without knowing to play at all, I probably won't be able to rate this...sorry!

[Edit:] To be clear for anyone reading this without the context of the game page proper, there are controls on the game page--but I still have no right idea how to clear the very first hurdle. I've gotten what seems to be an inordinately high jump twice, but I don't know how to do it again.


Hey! Just an FYI that there's been an update that might help you in your button search.  

However, if you don't mind a "dev" hint, I put one up on Gdrive here:
GDrive Link - Spoilers!

Here is a hint (warning: Spoilers!)

GDrive Link - Spoilers!

As soon as we can post something without putting a spoiler in plaintext we will :) Or you can find us on the MVM discord - kkairos