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Cute game, short, quick, to the point.  Very nice.  Still, having had to put my dog to sleep a few weeks ago, perhaps playing it at work was not a good idea.

#2 is my primary monitor.  

I did figure out a way - alt+tab, then windows+arrow forced it in to a windowed environment I could interact with, and that could be moved to the correct monitor.

There any way to force this to use another monitor?  For whatever reason, it keeps trying to use Monitor 1, which is on the left and not a monitor I use for gaming, ever.  I want to force it to Monitor 2, on the right.

What config file do I need to change to adjust this behavior?

Thank you for pointing that out.

I appreciate the information, thank you.  I know I've found a few issues here and there, but depending on the choices made you could miss them entirely.

Appreciate it.  If you don't mind, could you tell me about how long it took you to get through it?  And bugs, of course.  If you find any weirdness, let me know and I'll tell you if it's intentional.

Ha ha lol nevermind, still broken.

One of these days I'll remember it defaults to below player, not same as.  In essence, you can't activate one of the iterations of opening the coffins because you can't stand on the coffin. 

I'll fix that tonight.

Also I just figured out I have to make these public to be visible.  Hilarious.