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It's an ok game, and it feels like, if mastered, it would feel great to cut through people. I did not master it in 10 minutes and so felt a tad frustrated.

It's not all bad - I made a video on it which I think has a more positive vibe:

If the rest is anything like the first ten minutes, the game will be great. I struggled with changing weapons because my mouse scroll doesn't work, but I enjoyed it.

I did a short video on the game if anyone would like to see what you can do in 10 minutes:

This was pretty cool. I absolutely love the pooping animation and the walk cycle.

I did a video on it if anyone wants some more in-the-moment thoughts:

The game is ridiculous and fun. A few things I didn't like: using the Y key instead of the U key for Yvonne, no record of high scores and having to relaunch the game to replay. Other than that, good job!

I did a let's play of it if anyone wants some more in-the-moment thoughts

I played this recently, and although I didn't understand it, I enjoyed the experience. For some reason the older man reminds me of Joel from The Last Of Us.

I did a let's play of it, if anyone wants to see some more in-the=moment thoughts.

I've just played the prologue, and think the game is really clever. I like the way that it's animated too. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't control the lever with L, but no complaints other than that.

I did a let's play that has some of my more in-the-moment thoughts:

I made a video on this for YouTube. My main feedback would be that the pacing was just a touch slow for me, and that the voice from the TV just made me laugh. Other than that, it's a promising start.

You can see more of my in-the-moment thoughts in my video, if you would like:

I gave this a go, because it looks great. It almost reminds me of fantastical worlds in children's books with the way it looks. I don't think I really understood it though - people talked to me about stuff, but I don't know if I actually did anything. I liked the music though.

I've added a link to my video, in case anyone wants to see some more in-the-moment thoughts.

I completely forgot that I played this, but the memory of it still makes me smile. It's absolutely gorgeous.

 I did a let's play of it a while back, if anyone wants to hear more of my thoughts on it:

Thanks Romain, that's great to hear. I would love to do a longer let's play of this game (if/when it is completed) if that's ok?

I really enjoyed the demo - I can't wait to see what an expanded game looks like!

I did a video on the game, with some more thoughts, if anyone wants to watch:

I played this game and found it kind of uplifting in a strange way. Definitely an experience, and the way the options changed the story was really clever.

I did a video on the game, if anyone wants to watch:

Ah cool - knowing that it's random by design helps.

Having worked in a tech company, the tech staff do tend to run on coffee alone.

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I managed to get over 7000 on a few tries. That's my highest score.

I'm a fan of anything that mocks an office environment, so I instantly like this game. It's very simple to play, although for some reason I thought clicking the coffee would lower my stress. At times it felt a bit random as to how many clicks on the computer it took to fix the blue screen, and too many all in a row would end any game, but good overall.

I did a video, if anyone wants to watch:

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This was a lot of fun for a demo - I'll admit to setting a few bombs off intentionally - and I hope you make it on Steam Greenlight - I voted! I'm looking forward to more challenges.

Have to agree with the user that brought up the camera rotating with the mouse - it's a bit too herky-jerky for me.

I did a video, if anyone feels like watching:

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I feel like there was a lot to like about this game - but the health/save/respawn system dealt the overall experience a major blow. Getting past a boss and onto a new world, only to die and go back to half way through the previous world was very frustrating for me. Going back and having only one bar of health got annoying quickly. Also, the style of the mountains level was a bit hard to look at.

On the plus side, the game controlled well, there was a variety of enemies and backgrounds, and I did get to complete the game eventually.

I did a video on the game, which has more "in the moment" thoughts, if anyone wants to watch:


This game is so much fun. It's simple, and feels like it could be mastered with a bit of practice. It's also reeeeally satisfying to see lots of aliens blow up when you hit them with a bomb. It's fast paced and I like it. The limited view also makes for a couple of jumps, when you turn and suddenly an alien is on you.

My only gripe is that having to click again to throw feels a bit unnatural. It may just be me, but having an item throw when you release the mouse would maybe flow a bit better? I'm not a developer, so it may not even be possible - just my thoughts.

I did a youtube video on it - maybe the most genuinely fun game I've played in a while:

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I did enjoy the game - the sprites had a pleasingly retro vibe for someone who grew up on the original Game Boy, and it's an interesting take on the gardening sim style. I also liked destroying the local ecosystem with my scythe upgrade.

On the negative side, the game crashed for me after I grew my first pumpkins. This, combined with not have a save feature, meant i lost all my progress, which killed me. I think this was also after your patch.

I did a youtube video on it, which has more of my "in the moment" thoughts: - someone left a positive comment even with the crash.

I really enjoy playing this game - although it seems that Ana and Jakob do not... I feel that the shorter form works better for the decision-style games than spread out over 5 episodes. Sometimes it feels though that there's nothing you can do to pick up morale, which irritated me a bit - if I can knock it down, I should be able to raise it back up?

Overall, though, very solid and enjoyable - and I've still got 14 endings left to find, so great replay value!

I've done a couple of let's plays on it as well....

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This game was so incredibly silly, and I love it. Great job.

I did a youtube on it if anyone wants to see how badly I did...