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neat game, very fun concept

Research pumps

It's a great simple game with a very nice concept

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People who mod the game and most indie games in general can't afford to pay for a certificate to become a verified publisher. As long as you trust the source of where you downloaded the application, you should be safe. In this case it is game banana which is a moderated community and considered a trusted source by most people meaning that if someone were to upload malicious code on to the platform it would likely be deleted pretty quickly. The reason why the message still pops up is because it is up to the person who uploaded the application to sign it with a certificate which they likely won't afford.

noted: I will add it in -7 days

Seems like a great game, too bad there aren't enough people playing it. So here's a suggestion: make the difficulty scale based on the number of players in the game.

Love the art and gameplay/game concept. It's super nice. The only thing this game needs is some story/goal and some touch ups to make the grass a little bit cleaner. Other than that, amazing job!

Amazing art and a very nice take on a dungeon style game. You can probably improve it by adding music, forcing the player to kill all the enemies before proceeding and maybe even adding more weapons and items. Otherwise, this is a very well polished and fun game.

Neat game. It's very nice and chill with great music and assets. I will suggest maybe shaking up the controls to make it more interactive and fun.