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I can't I explained that my parents hate making  accounts and I'm a 9 year old I tried to see if I could make an account but it says to do a thing you need to have permission from your parents or need to be at least 13

So if you need to have steam running then I can't play.

I have a windows computer and I don't have a steam account. My parents hate making accounts for me so can you release a windows version on

Found a glitch :( On level 10 the weird hamburger looking monster type hit me when I was 2 spaces away from a wall but because they get pushed back when they hit you it got stuck in the wall

I was in the shop and I was like WHAT SHOPKEEPER 100 GOLD FOR THAT and as a joke I hit him and then I realised OH GOD HAVE MERCY SHOPKEEPER LET ME OUT LET ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha