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I like the artstyle and the combination of html games + 2d topdown navigation. Really cool! 

Thanks for helping us, dev :D 

The debug version worked. I launched the console as well, but I didn't get a lot out from it. 

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Sorry for the late response. 

I struggled to launch the game at first, due to it insisting to not run on my NVIDIA GPU. Even after changing settings up from the control panel; both program specific settings and global settings. 

I used cmd to launch it as per the error message box: 

[Directory of the game]>Masks.exe --rendering-driver opengl3 

With this, I did launch it, but it still crashed anyways. Godot 4 is probs to blame here. 

Also experiencing it.
Windows 10, NVIDIA 540M, drivers installed. 

Ran with compatiblity mode, still failed.  
 Changed GPU settings and disabled DPI, etc. Didn't work unfortunately. I may try troubleshooting more if requested. 


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Found the acceptable solution, but alternates exist. 

Solution below: 


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The fourth level keeps giving me an error despite successful solution.

Struggled first attempt, then actually attempted to focus later on. During my third successful attempt, I started seeing saturated, bright colours on the foreground and dark colours on the background, felt like the image changed all of a sudden. Was kinda like a stereogram almost. 

7/10 Helped me exercise my autistic skills. Too much water though

Cool, m/m sexo :D

Expecting something cool. 

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Moraion, could you please use image compression or some other thing so that this game won't need additional drives reminiscent of floppy disk collections 

is this a game or a miner like what do you mean 10 gigs? MW3(2) would have a more reasonable size than this renpy game like darn

actually nevermind casey sex next update please 

lets leave that for 0.6.9 which would come 7 years from now  

We want robocock! we want that ikea assembly pp 

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When you zoom out, the game bugs out like that. Flat is epic too 

the OTHER duck chess 

Very fluid and nice-lookin' animation. 


şu an yok c: 

Magnus Carlsen's wet dream 

vice versa too lol 

spitting fax and swallowing cum 


Sounds like "Does not Commute" by Mediocre/Tuxedo Labs 

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Cool game! Now make a new Lemmy variation of this c: 

Quite the nice start. I like the collecting based approach here, and the style c: 

Thanks for the detailed respone, dev. 

yeah, that happens sometimes with porn games 

RPGmaker doesn't have Linux support appearantly (dunno why), you can use Wine though. With Winetricks, it may work. It does sound like something that can break your system though... 

Really well made.