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No worries, on the Ram. Not sure why I should have to load the game into a flash drive? I have tons of ram and  a great video card. the unreal engine is used for many games for many years, whats the deal here?

Hi, I have 20,480 MB of Ram that equals 20GB of RAM. Is there anything else I can try before you give me a refund?

Bonbon community · Created a new topic Video problem

Hi, I finally go the game to load for my son. It is now having a graphics problem. the menu screen comes up, I can hear music and see the title screen with the bed. Pressing play turns the screen White. I continue to hear noise for a bit then it goes silent. I can press ESC to get back to the menu. I tried lowering the graphics to Low and MED. no effect. I updated my drivers, no effect.

I have:

Lenovo - Intel Core i3-4350 CPU @ 3.6ghz (4CPUs)
20480MB Ram
DirectX 12
Dual Screen Nvidia NVS 510

Any ideas?

Thanks Jonathan